Badfinger / Cowtown Ballroom, Kansas City (April 7, 1972) 

Badfinger - Kansas City April 7 1972 back
Badfinger Cowtown Ballroom April 7, 1972
 [Bootleg] Badfinger / Kansas City (April 7, 1972) 

David noted: “I received this tape from Joey Molland of Badfinger in 1996. I was hoping for a Pre-FM reel to reel on 15ips, but I received a 3 3/4ips reel that was probably post broadcast (it could be a board tape, though) - and in really bad shape.  I did the best I could.” 


dsmooth added this comment: “Errr. Joey didn’t ’share’ this tape. I presented it to Apple Records for possible release for him. (They passed). It’s out there already - might as well make my copy available. I understand that Joey (and. by extension, [his wife] Kathy) were ripped off. Legendarily so. She’s always ‘working on a book’.” 

 Badfinger / Kansas City 1972 - Live FM Broadcast from The Cowtown Ballroom