Chicago Tribune   [Chicago, Illinois] 
Chicago Tribune (February 9, 1981) 
BADFINGER HAS a new single, "Hold On," on Radio Records. The group's new album, "Say No More," will be out in three weeks.
The Atlanta Constitution   [Atlanta, Georgia] 
The Atlanta Constitution (February 14, 1981) 
Watch the stores for these lps: "Leather and Lace" by Waylon Jennings and Jessi Colter, "Labor Of Love" by The Spinners, "The Live Album" by Leon Russell and the New Grass Revival, "Love's Melodies" by The Searchers and Badfinger's "Say No More." 
The Atlanta Constitution (March 28, 1981) 
Two other vintage British bands have released albums recently. Badfinger, the hard luck group (hat in turn blossomed and withered in The Beatles' shadow) on Apple Records in the early 70s, has returned with yet another lineup on, "Say No More" (Radio/Atlantic RR 16030). And The Searchers,: 
Badfinger Hold On
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