OK, guys--here it is at long last, Real Gone's official statement about the Badfinger releases. We had to wait till we could do something about it.

Dear Friend:

Some people have complained about the mastering on our two recent Badfinger releases, Badfinger and Wish You Were Here. Put simply, the masters utilized for manufacturing on the first run of the CDs were earlier iterations picked up by accident and not the final masters intended for release (which is ironic because some of the bonus tracks on these releases feature in-progress mixes). Because we did not receive our promo copies in a timely fashion—we are having to work with a new manufacturer, which is obviously causing all sorts of problems—we did not become aware of the issue until the first pressing of CDs had gone out to stores and consumers. However, we have submitted the final master for subsequent repressings, and we have finally received copies that used the updated master, as will all subsequent pressings.

Audio remastering/mixing is by its nature subjective; there are many people who were fully satisfied with the sound on the first version, and there will no doubt be some folks who are unsatisfied with the sound on this new, final version. Nevertheless, if you bought your copy directly from Real Gone Music before December 11, 2018, we are sending you a new CD featuring the final mix for free. No need to contact us. Also, if you bought either of our Badfinger titles from another source and are unsatisfied with the mix, just send us a picture of the back cover of the CD in question and your address to orders@realgonemusic.com and we will send you a replacement disc. CDs with the final mix started to filter out around mid-December, so if you bought your copy prior to that, you have the initial mix and not the final one.

We at Real Gone Music really appreciate the business and support you have given us over the years, and we’re proud of the work that went into these Badfinger releases. We hope you agree that they are well worth the (extra) effort. 
 Real Gone Music   Here it is...Dear Friend: