The Showbiz Wizard 
A Chat with Joey Molland from Badfinger 
     by Mick Du Russel  (August 7, 2009
JOEY: My eldest son Joe is; I think Shaun wants to be but he's had some problems of his own so he's never really gotten in to the music world. My son Joe was in an auto accident about three and a half years ago. He almost died. That put him back a bit but thank God he's recovered. He's a great guitar player and a wonderful songwriter. I'm really proud of him. And I know Shaun he's equally gifted as a musician and as an artist. I'm looking forward to the day when he breaks out. You know, one of my real favorite wishes is that we can do something together as a trio. Hopefully make a record together. I know we will but all in good time. Life is know what it is? Life isn't a dream, it's a real thing. It's important to hold onto your dreams. Certain people inspire that in us I think. So that's the people I look to surround myself with. I'm looking forward to somebody in the future that inspires me.