JOEY: Oh yeah, I'm always working on new songs. I had a solo album out a few years ago, "This Way Up" it was called. I just found out that they're using 5 of the songs from that record and possibly more in this new movie coming out called "Immigration Tango", a romantic comedy. So that's a great thrill for me.  (August 7, 2009
Immigration Tango  (working title: It Must Be Love) 
   April 17, 2010 (Boston International Film Festival) 
   Released: February 18, 2011 
Directed by David Burton Morris 
Cast:  Elika Portnoy / McCaleb Burnett / Carlos Leon / Ashley Wolfe 
Immigration Tango Joey Molland
Another Honeymoon: 6:20-7:00, 27:00-28:00, 58:20-59:10 
Tell Me: ? 
Isn't That a Dream: 75:30-76:40 
Angels Like Us: ? 
A Way to Be: 83:00-85:00 
This Must Be Love: 87:40-90:30 
2011/06/28   DVD   Lionsgate: 
Immigration Tango DVD