[various artists]  I Hear You Knocking - Warner Pop Rock Nuggets Vol. 6 
2018 Digital Remaster 
Release date change (2017/11/29→2018/01/17→03/21→04/25→08/08→09/26→10/31) 
2018/10/31   CD   Warner(Japan):WPCR-17949     23. Know One Knows 3:14 - Badfinger 
WPCR17949 back
A special British edition of this very cool series from Warner Japan – one that focuses on groovy work from the UK scene at the end of the 60s and start of the 70s – all with the same "pop rock nugget" vibe as the previous volumes! The tunes here often pull in bits of soul and sunshine pop in the rhythms or production – and while there's a few cuts here you might know, there's lots more that will come as a great surprise – especially in this territory, which kind of charts a progression of pop modes as the 60s end and 70s begin! 
Warner Pop Rock Nuggets Vol 6 - I Hear You Knocking