Melody Maker (October 19, 1968) 
Melody Maker 1968-10-19
Beatle Ringo Starr has signed for his second major film role. He is to appear with Peter Sellers in The Magic Christian, which goes into production in Britain early in the New Year. Ringo will play Sellers' son in the film which is scripted by Terry Southern. The new film, which has no musical content at all, will be made in Britain. 
New Musical Express #1136 (October 19, 1968) 
NME 1968-10-19 #1136
Beatle Ringo Starr has been signed for his second dramatic acting role in a film. He is to co-star with Peter Sellers in the comedy "The Magic Christian," which will be shot in Britain early next year. Production begins in January, and Ringo's contribution is expected to take at least eight weeks. He is cast as the son of a very rich and influential man, played by Sellers. 
New Musical Express #1143 (December 7, 1968) 
NME 1968-12-07 #1143
Ringo Starr is now scheduled to begin work on his second solo film in February and he will be involved for up to eight weeks. As exclusively revealed in the NME on October 19, the movie is "The Magic Christian," in which Ringo is cast as Peter Sellers' adopted son.