Badfinger (The Iveys) - Out of the Cold - Various Songs (1967)
   by Paul 
I just posted something that puts all of the Iveys' 1967 officially released songs together:
The Iveys - Out of the Cold
01. I'm Too Shy (Badfinger) 
02. Tube Train (Badfinger) 
03. She Came Out of the Cold (Badfinger) 
04. I've Been There Once Before (Badfinger) 
05. Black and White Rainbows (Badfinger) 
06. Girl Next-Door in the Miniskirt (Badfinger) 
07. Tomorrow Today (Badfinger) 
08. Mr. Strangeways (Badfinger) 
09. Bittersweet Adieu (Badfinger) 
10. How Does It Feel (Badfinger) 
11. Taxi (Badfinger) 
12. Take Good Care of My Baby (Badfinger) 
13. Clown of the Party (Badfinger) 
14. Knocking Down Our Home (Badfinger) 
As I said there, and someone else has already posted a comment in agreement, those songs actually make up a better album than the 1969 album "Maybe Tomorrow." 
 Badfinger - BBC Sessions, 1969-1970 

 Badfinger - Live 1970 - Ungano's Club, New York City, November 24, 1970 

Badfinger - 1972 In Concert at the Paris Theatre 

Badfinger - 1973 In Concert at the HIppodrome