Timothy Allen's Podcast (Sep 1, 2019) 
The Snap, Crackle & Pop Minicast #7 (The Band That Wasn't The Beatles) 

The Snap Crackle & Pop Minicast #7
This week on our very special seventh Minicast we are celebrating one of the world's greatest unsung bands: Badfinger. This program takes us on a journey from Badfinger's humble beginnings as The Iveys through the tragic suicide of Pete Ham and is sourced largely from the audio of a long out of print self-titled documentary with most of the music removed and substituted with the wonderful sound of vinyl, along with a few additions thrown in just for fun. The program was a labor of love for The Vinyl Junkie as well as a heartfelt thank you to The Band That Wasn't The Beatles and he sincerely hopes that our dear listeners enjoy it!