On this episode of the “It's Only Rock And Roll PODCAST”, the last surviving member of Badfinger, singer/guitarist JOEY MOLLAND, recounts his early years as a budding musician in Liverpool, to being in the first band signed to Apple Records, handpicked by The Beatles themselves. Additionally he details the tragic side of rock & roll, with the band losing their fortune to unscrupulous businessmen, inevitably driving two members to suicide. 
This week's co-host, former 94 WHJY disc jockey and host of “The Rock & Roll Roll Root Cellar” Jim Van, joins Don DiMuccio for a lively discussion of terrestrial rock radio, and Jim's recollections of concerts attended like The Stones, Led Zeppelin and Woodstock. 

00:00-19:00 Jim Van, joins Don DiMuccio 
 1. Come and Get It 
21:50-35:30 Joey Molland 
 2. No Matter What 
37:00-39:00 Joey Molland 
 3. Without You 
40:00-44:20 Joey Molland 
 4. Day After Day 
47:30-55:00 Joey Molland 
 5. Baby Blue 
57:35-65:15 Joey Molland 
 6. Rainy Day Man 
68:30-77:00 Jim Van, joins Don DiMuccio 
 7. I Can't Take It 
Joey Molland producing Money