Rolling Stone #177 (January 2, 1975) 
    by Bud Scoppa 
Up to now, the big singles, "Come and Get It," "No Matter What," "Day After Day," and especially "Baby Blue" have provided the obvious high points along the way for this veteran English quartet. Now, at last, they've made an album (their sixth in five years) that derives a general style from what the band constructed on those singles: the captivating melodies, melancholy vocals and big bell-like rhythm guitars outlining a stirring, full-bodied sound. While the final Apple album Ass contained the energy without the melodies and the first Warner LP, Badfinger, had pretty but punchless tracks, Wish You Were Here is loaded with songs that are both catchy and electric. Stragegically placed horns (by the Average White Band's sax duo) and strings enlarge the guitar chordings to symphonic proportions, giving this record a creative fullness and making it a wonderful album to play right through. 
 [Total word count of piece: 396] 

cover: Suzi Quatro 
Rolling Stone #177 (January 2, 1975) cover
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