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バッドフィンガー Badfinger の周辺をいろいろと... Badfinger の曲をカバーした人とか、ちょっと関わった人とか 外周を遠回りに巡ってます

The Dodgers

[Magazine/Dodgers] Trouser Press #35 (January 1979)

[Magazine/Dodgers] Trouser Press #35 (January 1979) 
The Dodgers / Love on the Rebound 
Trouser Press #35 January 1979
cover: Devo 
Trouser Press #35 January 1979 cover


[eBay] The Dodgers / Breakaway - RARE Unreleased White Label Promo 1-Sided LP

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Dodgers - Breakaway - Unreleased White Label Promo 1-Sided LP

This is a very rare (possibly unique!) white label promo or test pressing LP by late 70s band The Dodgers, who had 2 ex-members (Tom Evans & Bob Jackson) of Badfinger in their ranks. 
It is a 1-sided record - side 2 is totally blank. Side 1 contains 7 tracks. Both labels are plain, but Side 1 has some handwriting on it, including 3 song titles - Strong On You, Come Out Fighting (a track on their Polydor 1978 album Love on the Rebound) and Knock Down The Door. 

The other 4 tracks are not named, but if I had to guess at titles I would say  Watch out don't let the daylight in, New friends for old, A little knowledge is a dangerous thing & Get up get out of bed. Some of these tracks don't have drums on them, so I would imagine that they are demos or even rehearsal recordings. 

I haven't been able to find out any info on this record online, but I suspect that they may be either 1978 recordings for their unreleased second album, or demos recorded for their publishing company, which was called Breakaway Songs Ltd - Breakaway is mentioned on the label. 
Matrix number on side 1 is DS1 -1. On side 2 it is LFPB 2. 


Marquee Club Concert Programme (1976/1978)

Marquee Club Concert Programme (August 1976) 
     Mon. 30th   A Band Called "O", The Dodgers 
Marquee Club Programme August 1976
Marquee Club Concert Programme (September 1978) 
     Thur. 7th   The Dodgers 
Marquee Club Programme September 7, 1978 The Dodgers
      Thur. 21st   The Dodgers 
Marquee Club Programme September 21, 1978 The Dodgers
September 1978 
Marquee Club Programme September 1978
 Marquee Club Concert Programme (November 1966) 
     Mon. 21st   Brian Auger / The Other Thing and Julie Driscoll / The Ivey's 

 Marquee Club Concert Programme (October 1967) 
     Sat. 14th   The Neat Change / The Iveys 
 Marquee Club Concert Programme (November 1967) 
     Thur. 30th   The Marmalade / The Iveys / Savoy Brown Blues Band 

 Marquee Club Concert Programme (January 1968) 
     Sat. 6th   The Iveys / The Open Mind 
     Thur. 25th   The Neat Change / The Iveys 
 Marquee Club Concert Programme (February 1968) 
     Sat. 3rd   The Iveys / The Open Mind 
 [Magazine] Melody Maker / Marquee Club ad (July-Nov 1967) 

 [Magazine] Melody Maker / Marquee Club ad (Jan-July 1968) 

[Hit Chart] The Dodgers - Love on the Rebound (1978-79)

Billboard (October 21, p10/p14) (October 28, p20/p25) 1978 
Billboard (1978-10-21,28)
Billboard (November 11, 1978) 
Billboard (1978-11-11)
Record World誌 
1978/12/02   112位 Love on the Rebound 初登場 
1978/12/09   110位 Love on the Rebound 
1978/12/16   109位 Love on the Rebound 
1978/12/23   107位 Love on the Rebound 
1978/12/30   112位 Love on the Rebound 
1979/01/06   112位 Love on the Rebound (Due to the lack of airplay activity last week, this chart is frozen) 
1979/01/13   119位 Love on the Rebound 
1979/01/20   130位 Love on the Rebound 
1979/01/27   140位 Love on the Rebound 
1979/02/03   145位 Love on the Rebound 
The Dodgers - Love on the Rebound
The Dodgers


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Badfinger Xmas



Radio Clyde Merry Christmas (1976)



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