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バッドフィンガー Badfinger の周辺をいろいろと... Badfinger の曲をカバーした人とか、ちょっと関わった人とか 外周を遠回りに巡ってます


George Harrison / All Things Must Pass 50th Anniversary


All Things Must Pass 50th Anniversary Badfinger a
All Things Must Pass 50th Anniversary Badfinger b


Celtie Cefert / inspired by Badfinger cover album art (2021)

 Badfinger (For Love or Money) cover model Victoria Germaise 


[T-shirt 40] Badfinger Classic T-shirt / The Iveys Tribute Classic T-shirt

Designed and sold by BandMemberTees 
Badfinger Classic T-shirt
Designed and sold by Pop-Pop-P-Pow 
The Iveys Tribute Classic T-shirt


Peter Ham y la trágica historia de Badfinger (August 2021)

2021/08/25   Peter Ham and the tragic story of Badfinger 



[Bootleg] Badfinger / Rare Anthology (2CDR)

Badfinger / Rare Anthology (2CDR) 
2014/   Vintage Masters:VMCDR-451A/B 
Badfinger - Rare Anthology b
Badfinger - Rare Anthology a
01. Shine On (rehearsal) 
02. Day After Day (early take) 
03. Cowboy (backing track - Wales June 1972) 
04. Cowboy (with words - Wales June 1972) 
05. For So Long (Wales June 1972) 
06. Get Up Off Your Knees (Wales June 1972) 
07. This Time (Wales June 1972) 
08. Permissive Paradise (Iveys - for book) 
09. And I Love Her (Iveys) 
10. Up On Cripple Creek (Iveys BBC) 
11. Song For A Lost Friend (Badfinger sessions) 
12. Where Do We Go From Here (Badfinger sessions) 
13. Oh, Wow (Badfinger sessions) 
14. Give It Up (Badfinger sessions) 
15. Sing For The Song (Straight Up outtake) 
16. Someday (Iveys BBC) 
17. For My Sympathy (Iveys acetate) 
18. Rock 'n Roll Contract (Head First) 
19. Keep Believing (Head First) 
20. Mr. Manager (Head First) 
21. Turn Around (Head First) 
01. Piano Red (Alternate mix) 
02. Piano Red (Unreleased) 
03. Sweet Tuesday Morning (Alternate take) 
04. No Good At All (Straight Up unreleased) 
05. We're For The Dark (acetate) 
06. Loving You (Alternate version) 
07. I Can't Take It (acetate) 
08. Coppertone Blues (no vocal) 
09. Dreaming (Ass unreleased) 
10. Rock 'n Roller (Ass unreleased) 
11. Regular (version 1) 
12. Regular (version 2) 
13. Regular (Alternate mix) 
14. When I Say (early take) 
15. When I Say (Alternate mix) 
16. Blind Owl (early rehearsal) 
17. Timeless (early take) 
18. I Can Love You (Take 7) 
19. Do You Mind ? 
20. Do You Mind ? (Alternate take) 
21. Do You Mind ? (rough mix) 
22. Timeless (Alternate take) 


Badfinger / The Lost Broadcasts (September 24, 2021)

Badfinger / The Lost Broadcasts 
Badfinger - The Lost Broadcasts a
The Lost Broadcasts features the best of The Iveys’ and Badfinger’s late Sixties radio sessions. 
2021/09/24   CD   Cantare:CANTCD7 
Respect (The Iveys) / Just One Look (The Iveys) / Maybe Tomorrow (The Iveys) / The Way You Do the Things You Do (The Iveys) / Surrender Your Love (The Iveys) / You Can All Join In (The Iveys) / Birthday (The Iveys) /Rock Of All Ages (Badfinger) / Interview ‐ Tom Evans / Come And Get It (Badfinger) / Midnight Sun (Badfinger) / Someday (Badfinger) / Up On Cripple Creek (Badfinger) / I Can't Take It (Badfinger) / Believe Me (Badfinger) 
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