Badfinger covers

バッドフィンガー Badfinger の周辺をいろいろと... Badfinger の曲をカバーした人とか、ちょっと関わった人とか 外周を遠回りに巡ってます

Baby Blue

[eBay] Baby Blue / Flying US White Label 'test' type PROMO 45 Vinyl

[eBay] Baby Blue / Flying US White Label 'test' type PROMO 45 Vinyl 
Starting Price:  US $9.99 
Sep 09, 2018 at 4:58:41PM PDT - 
Duration:  7 days 
Badfinger - Baby Blue  Flying US White Label test a
Badfinger - Baby Blue  Flying US White Label test b

 Badfinger Test Pressing 
TP Baby Blue 1844
TP Flying 1844

The 1974 - Without You / Baby Blue (2015)

The 1974  @Club 66 (Feb 2015) 
Spike Settles(vg) [Never Never] 
Dennis Schocket(vb) [Starbelly, Fabtastic 4] 
Dave Woodworth(gv) [Fabtastic 4
Greg Schroeder(dv) [Myracle Brah, Cloud Eleven, Fabtastic 4] 
The 1974 - Without You 

The 1974 - Baby Blue 

The 1974 - It Don't Come Easy 

The 1974 - It's a Heartache 

The 1974 - Come and Get It 

Dave Rode(v) [Route 66 Band] with The 1974 - Day After Day 



[Rocksmith 2014] Badfinger - Baby Blue

Badfinger - Baby Blue  - E Standard - Lead/Rhythm/Bass 
RELEASE DATE: 2018-06-05 
SIZE: 4.39 MB 
This add-on works with: 
Rocksmith 2014 Edition 
Rocksmith Badfinger - Baby Blue
Badfinger - Baby Blue (Rocksmith 2014 Lead) 

Badfinger - Baby Blue (Rocksmith 2014 Bass) 

Badfinger - Baby Blue (Rocksmith 2014 Lead/Rhythm/Bass) 


 [Rock Band 3] Badfinger - Baby Blue 

Boothill Band - Baby Blue (2017)

Boothill BandBaby Blue 
   Kenny Glass (g), Clinton Glass (v,b), Craig LeMay (d) 
Kenny Glass, Clinton Glass, Craig LeMay

The Boothill Band is composed of 3 Musicians from the Houston area who have played together for over 40 years. It features Kenny Glass who owns and operates KJG Masonry in East Texas. Kenny is a superb guitarist and loves all the great classic Rock of the late 60s and early 70s. 
Clinton Glass, Kenny's brother will hold down bass and vocals, while Craig Lemay will keep the beat going on drums.
This band will take you back to your younger years with classic tunes we all love to listen and dance to.  


[ロシア語] Paul Baldhill - Самогончик (2018)

Paul Baldhill - Самогончик (Baby Blue Russian) 



‘Baby Blue' finale prompts Badfinger resurgence (Apr 20, 2018)

‘Baby Blue’ finale prompts Badfinger resurgence 
By Tom Lanham (April 20, 2018)
Joey Molland: 
Pete wrote it about a girl named Dixie that he met on tour in Tucson. She came to England with him, but then decided that she didn’t like England and moved back to America. And that was the end of that. 

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