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バッドフィンガー Badfinger の周辺をいろいろと... Badfinger の曲をカバーした人とか、ちょっと関わった人とか 外周を遠回りに巡ってます

The Iveys

Keith Kessler - Don't Crowd Me (1968)

Keith Kessler - Don't Crowd Me (1968) 

Mike Wing 
Meanwhile, a contact in London pitched the record to the Beatles' newly formed Apple label. 
I was hoping for a master licensing deal for the UK or Europe. But to my surprise they asked about a publishing deal for the record’s flip side, "Don't Crowd Me," for possible use by their new group known as Badfinger. [Cool!!] Unfortunately, the deal never came together. 
Keith Kessler - Don't Crowd Me



New Iveys CD Volume 2

From Ron Griffiths and Dan Matovina: 

A new "limited" edition Iveys Live Vol 2 from 1968 is just now available. 
Here are the links, with more info links on them. 
 Iveys Live Vol 2 from 1968 

Order restricted  to one copy per customer. 
Don't wait and miss out!  After they sell out - only expensive limited Japanese versions will be out - double the cost with their packaging and shipping. Direct downloads will always be available. 
Hello Everyone . 
  This is Ron Griffiths of The Iveys! 
                          Guess What? There is a c.d. you maybe interested in getting your hands on ! It is a new collection of covers - with one exception - it is a set from a live gig circa 1968 at The Thingamajig Club in Reading, U.K.. The title is Iveys Anthology volume 2. 
                          We were doing what most bands were doing at that time , doing covers of tunes we liked and tunes that people could dance to. Finding our feet as composers of original material .  We have three originals in this set. Another was lost to recording difficulties . The set was recorded on the Revox machine we used to record our demos on . 

                            It is so strange listening back to what took place some 50 years ago and fills me with so much nostalgia . I must give a big thanks to Anne Herriot , Petera Ham , Ellie Gibbins, Marianne Evans , Apple Corps Ltd , Dan Matovina and Tom Brennan for making it possible .

                            Please use the links to purchase via the U.S.A. ..... I do not have the wherewithal etc to be a mail order distributor , but a round-the-globe price of $ 20 including shipping - which I think is fair - will enable you to purchase. The disc is in a flap poly packet rather than a heavier plastic to save on postal rates. 
                            There are still re-furbished discounted cds of Volume 1 with song credit errors fixed and improved sound of the earlier disc ( Volume 1 ) which was recorded live in Neath, South Wales . The links are there, if anyone is interested in that updated cd . 
 Iveys Live Vol 1 from 1966 
 [通販開始] ジ・アイヴィーズ・アンソロジー Vol.2 / Vol.1 (2019 海外盤) 



[Newspaper] Detroit Free Press / The Journal News (December 1969)

Detroit Free Press  [Detroit, Michigan] 
Detroit Free Press (December 12, 1969) 
Detroit Free Press (Dec 12, 1969)
The Journal News  [White Plains, New York] 
The Journal News (December 13, 1969) 
The Journal News (Dec 13, 1969)


[CD 2019] Origins: The Iveys Anthology Vol. 2 - Live at Thingamajig Club September 6, 1968 Reading, England (Nov 13, 2019)

Origins: The Iveys Anthology Vol. 2 - Live at Thingamajig Club September 6, 1968 Reading, England (CD) 

The Iveys Anthology 2

01. Walk Away Renee 
02. So You Want To Be A Rock 'N' Roll Star 
03. River Deep - Mountain High 
04. Crawling Up A Hill 
05. Respect 
06. N.S.U. 
07. Summertime Blues 
08. 634-5789 
09. Long Tall Sally 
10. Purple Haze 
11. Stone Free 
12. Storm In A Teacup 
13. Release Me 
14. Hide Away 
15. No Escaping Your Love 
16. Lady Madonna 
17. When Will I Be Loved 
18. The Letter 
19. And Her Daddy's A Millionaire 
20. It Ain't Necessarily So / Summertime 
21. Needle In A Haystack 
22. I Thank You 
The Iveys - 634-5789 (September 6, 1968 at Thingamajig Club, Reading, England

The Iveys - Purple Haze (September 6, 1968 at Thingamajig Club, Reading, England
 The Iveys - It Ain't Necessarily So (September 6, 1968 at Thingamajig Club, Reading, England


 [May 2016] The Iveys Anthology - Vol. 1 (September 6, 1968) 

 [April 2016] The Iveys Anthology - Vol. 1, Live at Thingamajig Club, Reading U.K. - September 6, 1968 

 バッドフィンガー / ジ・アイヴィーズ・アンソロジーVOL.2 (2019年11月13日予定) 

 [Bootleg] The Iveys / Live In Concert 

[Italy TV] Linea Contro Linea (December 14, 1968)

Linea Contro Linea (December 14, 1968) 

Linea Contro Linea Dec 14, 1968 FAB b

Linea Contro Linea Dec 14, 1968 FAB c
[Bootleg/DVD] The Beatles / Everybody Had A Hard Year (2013 FAB) 
The Beatles - 1968 Vol 6 Everybody Had A Hard Year
The Beatles - 1968 Vol 6 Everybody Had A Hard Year 10
[Bootleg/DVD] The Beatles - 1968 (2014 BFB) 
The Beatles - 1968 BFB c
The Beatles - 1968 BFB b
The Beatles - 1968 BFB a
 [Bootleg/DVD] Fresh from Apple Vol.1 / Vol.2 (2017) 

 [Bootleg/DVD] Do You Want To Know A Secret Vol.2 / Vol.3 (2019) 

[ad] The Iveys - Dreamland, Margate (July 1968)

The Ballroom, Dreamland (July 4, 1968) 
     Geno Washington & The Ramjam Band, The Iveys 
Iveys July 4, 1968
The Ballroom, Dreamland (July 6, 1968) 
     Jimmy James & The Vagabonds, The Iveys 
Rendezvous Club, The Ballroom, Dreamland (July 7, 1968) 
     The Iveys 
Iveys July 6, 7, 1968

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