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バッドフィンガー Badfinger の周辺をいろいろと... Badfinger の曲をカバーした人とか、ちょっと関わった人とか 外周を遠回りに巡ってます

Pete Ham

James Patrick Regan celebrates Ace Frehley and Pete Ham's Birthday!

2018/04/27   James Patrick Regan celebrates Ace Frehley and Pete Ham's Birthday! 

No Matter What 

James Patrick Regan


[Magazine] Potencial PC (2018)

Potencial PC (2018) 
cover:   Peter Ham 
p20-21  Peter Ham ¿suicidio? 
Potencial PC (2018) p20,21



Pete Ham 73

Pete Mike adfinger 改
Pete Ham - Peace Globe 
画伯 Pete Ham - Peace Globe
Pete Ham - The Sad Clown 1968 
画伯 Pete Ham - The Sad Clown 1968

Pete Ham - When Life Becomes Old 1974 
画伯 Pete Ham - When Life Becomes Old 1974


Karen King / @madlad_portraits

Karen King 



Pete Ham s


The Gretsch Pages / Telecaster Discussion Page

The Gretsch Pages / Badfinger 
started by Edison, April 1, 2020 


Telecaster Discussion Page / Pete Ham & Badfinger 
started by lammie200, March 31, 2020 


Pete Ham Tribute Concert in The Grand Theatre Swansea (April 27, 2013)


The first half of the show was given over to local talent. The proceedings kicked off with guitarist Sarah Passmore who was then followed by a host of Swansea musicians, including Steve Balsamo, Mal Pope and Karl Morgan who performed jaw dropping versions of 'Know one Knows' and 'Maybe Tomorrow'.
01. Sarah Passmore - My Heart Goes Out 
02. Sarah Passmore - We're For The Dark 
03. Sarah Passmore - Shine On 
04. Karl Morgan - Know One Knows 
05. Karl Morgan - Maybe Tomorrow 
06. Mal Pope - Baby Blue 
07. Mal Pope - Here Comes the Sun 
08. Steve Balsamo and Rosalie Deighton - Apple Of My Eye 
After the interval Bob Jackson settled at his keyboard and was joined on stage by guitarists Al Wodtke and Anthony Harty, drummer Matt Hart and bass player Eddie Mooney. 
09. Bob Jackson - Know One Knows 
10. Bob Jackson - Take It All 
11. Bob Jackson - Baby Blue 
The band were then, joined on stage by special guests, including Ron Griffiths and Dai Jenkins, who had both been original members of The Iveys. 

12. I Believe In You, Girl (Ron) 
13. Midnight Sun (Ron) 
14. Man Without a Heart (Dai) 
15. Dear Angie (Ron) 
16. Blodwyn (Ron) 
17. Come and Get It (Ron) 
18. Bob Jackson with Emily Jackson - Moonshine 
19. Bob Jackson with Emily Jackson - John Forgot to Sing 
20. Carry On Till Tomorrow 
21. Midnight Caller 
22. Dennis 
[band introductions by Eddie Mooney] 
23. Just A Chance 
24. I Won't Forget You 
25. Day After Day 
26. Without You 
27. No Matter What 
28. I Can't Take It 
29. Come and Get It (Ron) 
Ron Griffiths 
Ron Iveys 20130427
David "Dai" Jenkins 
Dai Iveys 20130427
The Iveys Live 2013
 The Iveys Live / Pete Ham Tribute Concert (April 27, 2013) 
 Pete Ham Tribute Concert at Swansea Station, Ivey Place (April 27, 2013) 

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