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バッドフィンガー Badfinger の周辺をいろいろと... Badfinger の曲をカバーした人とか、ちょっと関わった人とか 外周を遠回りに巡ってます

Pete Ham

3年6ヶ月経ったので、方針変換。 合いの手係を募集します。 やりたい人連絡して(2016/12/13)

Pete and Tom

Ton and Pete


No Matter What: The Music of Peter Ham and Badfinger

Graham Tomlinson (April 22, 2014) 
No Matter What: The Music of Peter Ham and Badfinger


12 Questions with Derrick Anderson

I'm from Toledo, Ohio and started playing bass at 15. Joined my first band at 17 with some high school friends and moved to Los Angeles in 1990. Within a few years, I began gigging with my band The Andersons! (with Robbie Rist on guitar) as a part of the burgeoning LA power pop scene.
That led to playing on a pair of posthumous Pete Ham (Badfinger) releases, 7 Park Avenue and Golders Green, touring on bass with Dave Davies from The Kinks in the early aughts, filling in with The Smithereens, The Cowsills, playing and recording with Steve Barton (of Translator fame) and finally playing and recording with The Bangles from ’08 to the present. I also do the occasional gig with Matthew Sweet. 
Pete Ham - Helping Hand (1975) 

Derrick Anderson (bass guitar Overdubs) 
Badfinger's Pete Ham: An Evening of Tributes (Apr 24, 2016)
Derrick Anderson - Take It All 

Last Words – Pete Ham

“I will not be allowed to love and trust everybody. This is better.”

Last Words Pete Ham

Last Words - Pete Ham


Phil Angotti / For Pete's Sake - songs of Pete Ham and Pete Townshend (May 26, 2015)

Phil Angotti / For Pete's Sake - songs of Pete Ham and Pete Townshend (The Hideout, Chicago, May 26, 2015) 
Phil Angotti - For Pete's Sake May 26 2015
   Pete Ham songs: Day After Day, Apple of My Eye, Know One Knows, Perfection, Dennis, No Matter What, Name of the Game, Take It All, Without You, Baby Blue
   Pete Townshend songs: So sad about us, Pure and easy, However much I booze, Let my love open the door, Slit skirts, Keep me turning, Blue red and grey, Pinball wizard, Behind blue eyes, Substitute, The seeker, Live ain't for keeping, Magic bus 
Phil Angotti has been writing, recording and performing music for over 30 years, has released 12 full length albums, has appeared on numerous compilation cd's,and besides fronting his own original band, he has been the lead singer/frontman for several tribute shows. Phil has recorded and performed with numerous famous Chicago musicians over the years - and is well known for his astounding repetoire and versatility. 
この日のライブは見つからないけど、この1週間前の同じ場所での Without You はあった(当日やったBadfingerはこの1曲だけ) 
Phil Angotti with Steve Dawson, Tommi Zender and Casey McDonough - Without You (The Hideout, Chicago, May 19, 2015)  

Phil Angotti - No Matter What のライブも2008年にネットで拾っていたけど、いつのものか詳細不明 


The Guitars! exhibit at the Eiteljorg Museum in Indianapolis (2013)

Pete の 1964 Gibson SG Standard guitar が2013年の春と夏に Eiteljorg Museum で展示されていた時の映像がいくつかあった。現在の持ち主は2004年のオークションで落札した Jim Irsay [the owner and CEO of the Indianapolis Colts of the National Football League] 。 
Guitars! Roundups to Rockers (March 2013) 
   3分5秒から15秒間 解説文に Pete の名前が載っているのかよくわからない。 
Pete Gibson SG March 2013 a
Pete Gibson SG March 2013 b

Eiteljorg Museum - Guitars! Roundups to Rockers Exhibit 
Pete Gibson SG March 2013 c

Guitars! (display at the Eitlejorg museum in Indianapolis) July-August 2013 
Pete Gibson SG July 2013

Pete Gibson SG August 2013
Pete Gibson SG 2011

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