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バッドフィンガー Badfinger の周辺をいろいろと... Badfinger の曲をカバーした人とか、ちょっと関わった人とか 外周を遠回りに巡ってます


3年6ヶ月経ったので、方針変換。 合いの手係を募集します。 やりたい人連絡して(2016/12/13) (2017/06/12終了)

Tom Bellacosa - Flying / Perfection / Name of the Game (2016)

Tom Bellacosa - Flying 

Tom Bellacosa - Perfection 

Tom Bellacosa - Name of the Game 


Cotton Mather - Flying (1996)

Cotton Mather - Flying [T. Evans - J. Molland] 

[various artists]  Come And Get It - A Tribute To Badfinger 

1996/10/01   CD   Copper:CPR 2181     4. Flying - Cotton Mather 
Come and Get It

1999/02/08   CDS   Rainbow Quartz:RQTZ 022     3. Flying 
Cotton Mather - RQTZ 022


Phil Keaggy - Baby Blue (1994)

Phil Keaggy - Baby Blue [Pete Ham]

曲が始まる前の部分って、Money/Flying の繋ぎの部分をイメージしてやってるのかなぁ?
Sounds like he lifted the orchestration from the crossfade in the tracks Money/Flying. 
Phil Keaggy / Blue 
1994/03/29   CD   Word/Epic:EK 53591     3. Baby Blue
Phil Keaggy - Blue (1994)
"When I was four I climbed up on to the [farmyard] pump to get a drink of water when suddenly the old wooden base broke apart causing the pump to fall through [the cover,] cutting off my middle finger on the right hand." 
Phil Keaggy - Blue (1994) back


Yeah, riding around in the dark. 字幕06

Yeah, riding around in the dark.  17:28-20:04 字幕06 
[Narrator]  By now, Badfinger should have been very comfortably off, but the money was not coming through to the band. 
[John Ham]  He was changing for the gig and had on what I thought was a pair of... I don't know, comic shoes - the soles were coming away, like the old vaudeville comedians or something like that.  And I said, "Oh, part of the act, do you do a comedy number?" He said, "No, those are my stage shoes." I said, "Well, you can't wear those on stage, you're the local idle coming back." He said, "They're the only ones I've got." 
[Narrator]  Badfinger's eccentric manager, Bill Collins, had encouraged the band to put their finances in the hands of an American businessman named Stan Polley. 
[Nicky Bell]  When the started to get successful, Bill kind of got out of his depth. He did things that he thought were right for the band, but...they weren't. 
[Bill Collins]  I believe that Polley meant well, although he was a very astute businessman, you know, he knows all the tricks, and he told us, he said, "I know all the tricks, but if you play ball, I'll play ball, and we'll all get along fine, and we'll all finish up millionaires." 
[Bob]  He was the archetypal manager with a big cigar and, you know, "I'm going to take you guys to the stars," all that sort of business, and it seemed OK at first. 
[Narrator]  Polley's first move was to get Badfinger away from Apple Records and signed up to a new deal he'd negotiated with Warner Brothers. He dazzled Bill and the band with talk of huge cash advances and said that, for tax reasons, the money should be paid into a series of different bank accounts which he himself would control. 
[Bob]  He said, "Well put it all in a pot, and by the time we've reached the end of the album deals, you know, you'll all be very rich people. But in the meantime, we'll just be on a basic salary, I'm afraid."  And of course, not knowing any better and wanting to think the best of people, the band went along with it, you know. 
[Bill Collins]  All around New York in a big limo, and he said, "And it's no good you reading this contract." It was three inches thick. But he said, "Basically, you've got to understand..." And he talked and talked and talked and drummed into my mind that we had 3 million deal to make six albums in three years and, uh... 
[interviewer]  This was all in the back of a limousine in New York City? 
[Bill Collins]  Yeah, riding around in the dark. 
wanted wb


Holocene - Flying (1994 single/1995 album)

Holocene - Flying [Molland - Evans]
Holocene - Flying (1994)

1994/   CDS   Concubine:Single 001     Flying     1. Flying 2:40
1995/   CD   Concubine:Album 003     Spurr     12. Flying 3:15
Holocene - Spurr (1995)
Kerrie Hickin (b,v)   [Autohaze 1991-92   The Sunset Strip 1989   Ku Klux Frankenstein 1985]
Mick Sim (g,v)    [The Beekeepers 1987-93  The Fate 198*]
Jo-Anne Roberts (g,v)   [Ripe 1991]
Duncan Hamilton (d,v)
Australian Band


Hannah Cranna - Money/Flying (1997)

Hannah Cranna - Money/Flying [Tom Evans / Joey Molland] 
[recorded live in New Haven in '97 with Joey Molland]

Hannah Cranna / A Real Nice Parade 
2011/10/16   CD     CD Baby:     12. Money/Flying (Live) 
Hannah Cranna A Real Nice Parade back
Hannah Cranna - A Real Nice Parade (2012)
Hannah Cranna
Money/Flying を録音した頃、Joey は Hannah Cranna のアルバムをプロデユースしていた。 
Hannah Cranna 1997 Joey
1997/06/10   CD    Big Deal Records:BGD 9039     Hannah Cranna 
Hannah Cranna 1997
Hannah Cranna 1997 back

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