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Mike Gibbins

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Did Harry Styles of One Direction rip off my dad's band Badfinger?


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 Did Harry Styles of One Direction rip off my dad's band Badfinger?:  



Mike Gibbins (March 12, 1949 - October 4, 2005)

Mike Gibbins 
by Mike Gibbins
Not everyone was impressed by his technique. Rolling Stone likened his drumming to "basketballs landing in a vat of oatmeal". 
Mike nega
Mike Gibbins (Badfinger)
No Matter What Joey Mike
1982 USA Tour
Aug 18, 2003  the current edition of Orlando Magazine 
"We threw that one away", smiles Gibbins. "It was filler. 
Harry took it to number 1. Mariah Carey did it not too long ago. 
She got to number 1 as well. She just bought me a swimming pool" 
Orlando Magazine July 2003
different kind of girl; 10-15-2007 at 04:27 PM. 
My husband was friends with Mike Gibbins and his band (FBM) used to practice at Gibbin's house often. 

My husband is not only a musician, he's a funeral director/embalmer too. (gotta make a living!) 
Long story short, my husband embalmed Mike Gibbins. 
different kind of girl; 10-16-2007 at 09:44 AM. 
My husband can't go into any details of how he died, etc. so I can't say. I think that all has to stay private. 
But he did tell me it was VERY odd to embalm a friend, he's done a few. I do know that he didn't even realize it was Mike Gibbins until he started cleaning him. He did a double take and read the ankle tag again and saw Michael G. At first he just read Gibbins and he didn't make the connection. 
That was in Orlando, over a year ago. 
Tragedy-hit group's drummer dies 
Mike Gibbins, Welsh drummer with Badfinger, the first band signed by the Beatles' Apple Records, has died at 56. (Friday 7 October 2005)

Mike Gibbins 
Drummer with Badfinger, heirs to the Beatles (Friday 7 October 2005) 
Mike Gibbins 
Drummer for Badfinger, a Beatles discovery (Saturday 15 October 2005)

Faded Glory / Faded Glory (1978)

Faded Glory / Faded Glory (1978) 
   Cover Design: Mike Gibbins 
Faded Glory mike b
1978/   LP   Square One:SQI 1001 
Faded Glory mike

Faded Glory 1981
Brian Breeze, Phil Ryan, Dave Bell, Wyndham Rees and Mike Gibbins 
Faded Glory 1981 Breeze Ryan Bell Rees & Gibbins


[In The Studio #496] Best of Badfinger (Dec 22, 1997)

[In The Studio show #496] Best of Badfinger 
In The Studio
first aired December 22, 1997, including cue sheet, 
radio show CD hosted by Redbeard,
features interviews & commentary by Mike Gibbins and Joey Molland,

Produced by Album Networks and Bullet Productions 
For radio play. Not for sale. 
Redbeard のサイト In The Studio with Redbeard にアップされた。 

Badfinger- Straight Up: Best Of
Posted Apr 23, 2016

Joey Molland and Mike Gibbins, tell the dashed dreams of the ill-fated quartet in this classic rock interview. – Redbeard 
Come And Get It, 
No Matter What, 
I'd Die Babe, 
Baby Blue, 
Just a Chance, 
Name of the Game, 
Sweet Tuesday Morning, 
Love is Gonna Come at Last 


Mike Gibbins Talks on Ron Griffiths (1998)

Mike Gibbins Talks on Ron Griffiths 
[創作/潮来の指太郎] Mike Gibbins編 1 で使った資料の基になったインタビューの一部みたい。
アップしたのは Ron Griffiths で、彼によると 
I have acquired the right to publish this whole interview with Mike in the future so keep an eye and ear open for the truth “ from the horses mouth " to coin a phrase.


Badfinger Comeback Has A Fresh Feel To It (April 28, 1995)

Badfinger Comeback Has A Fresh Feel To It   A Reunion Tour Will Showcase New Material, A New Attitude And A Funkier Sound. 
   April 28, 1995 By Parry Gettelman Sentinel Popular Music Critic 

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