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Tom Evans

Glenn A Baker / I had a long and revealing 1982 conversation with Tom Evans of Badfinger


If you wanted to understand why import record shops needed to save us from the execrable album releases by Australia’s...

Glenn A Bakerさんの投稿 2020年9月10日木曜日
Glenn A Baker, Tom Evans Straight Up
 Glenn A Baker interviews Tom Evans 1982 

Glenn A Baker interviews Tom Evans 1982

Apple Daze / Tom Evans [from Badfinger] interview 1982 
Apple Daze a
Apple Daze b
This is a fabulous interview with Tom Evans, who, along with Pete Ham, was one of the guiding lights
of the seminal band Badfinger. Evans traces Badfinger's origins -- from the formation of the Iveys
through their Apple Records signing, the success of the Paul McCartney-penned "Come and Get It,"
and their phenomenal Straight Up and No Dice records. The Story of Badfinger is a lot more than
success, however. Mismanagement, the chaotic nature of Apple, and the suicide of Pete Ham
all create a very real drama. Evans covers all of this and more here with honesty, humor, and pathos.
The saddest part is that Evans himself committed suicide just a year after this interview.
 --- Matthew Greenwald 
 Glenn A Baker / I had a long and revealing 1982 conversation with Tom Evans of Badfinger 

Tom Evans - Hey Jude / Maybe I'm Amazed (1982) 

[Magazine/Tom Evans] Trouser Press #95 (March 1984)

[Magazine/Tom Evans] Trouser Press #95 (March 1984) 
Tragedy has struck Badfinger again. 
Tom Evans, 36, turned off at the same exit as Ham, with whom he co-wrote "Without You".  
Trouser Press #95 March 1984
cover: Big Country 
Trouser Press #95 March 1984 cover


Bob Jackson - If You Were Here (May 13, 2006)

Bob Jackson - If You Were Here (Live May 13, 2006) 
tribute song about Tom Evans written by friend and bandmate Bob Jackson. 
If You Were Here Tom Evans

On May 12-14th, 2006, a gathering was held in Swansea, South Wales honoring Badfinger's storied history.  
A Badfinger convention in Swansea in June 2006 brought together Jackson, Griffiths, and several surviving family members of Ham, Evans and Gibbins. 

1. No Matter What 
2. If You Were Here 
3. Name of the Game 
4. Carry On Till Tomorrow 
5. Shine On 
6. Boys in New Orleans 
7. Come and Get It 


Tom Evans / Commercial Jingles

Tom Evans (June 5, 1947 - November 19, 1983) 
Tom Evans of Badfinger original press photo
Hovercrawl (ホバークラフト) 
Make It Just Juice (オレンジジュース) 
Ultrabrite (歯磨き) 
Guinness for Christmas (ワイン) 
Radio Clyde Merry Christmas (クリスマスジングル) 


[Magazine] Disc and Music Echo (January 31, 1970)

Disc and Music Echo (January 31, 1970) 
Disc and Music Echo (January 31, 1970) cover
Tom Evans / I was richer as a factory fitter - Badfinger star 
Disc and Music Echo (January 31, 1970) Tom

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