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バッドフィンガー Badfinger の周辺をいろいろと... Badfinger の曲をカバーした人とか、ちょっと関わった人とか 外周を遠回りに巡ってます

Tom Evans

Tom Evans "Rare Earth Feb. 26, 72"

Badfinger / Set of Six (Granada TV Manchester, England, UK) 
rec.1972-05-03   on air 1972-05-23  6:30-7:00pm 
Tom Evans Bass Set of Six 1972-05-03 0
Tom's bass   Rare Earth Feb. 26, 72 
Tom Evans Bass Set of Six 1972-05-03 1
Anaheim Convention Center Feb 26, 1972 Rare Earth, Badfinger


Discussion in 'Bassists': Tom Evans (Dec 27, 2013)

Rehearsal session for Airwaves in LA (1979) . All pictures were taken by Norm Hasenfang. 
Tom Evans: Badfinger 
Norm Hasenfang Tom Evans 1979 EB1
Tom, Joey rehearsal session for Airwaves
Tom,  Mike rehearsal session for Airwaves



Tom Evans (June 5, 1947)

Tom Evans 

Tom 1947-1967-1983
Billy Gill / Geoff Emerick / Nicky Hopkins / Bill Collins 
Marianne, Mika / Joey
Bob / Adam Allen / Pete 
Pete / Ron, Mike / Joey 


BBC Radio One session (January 19, 1970)

BBC Radio One session (January 19, 1970) 



 [BBC Transcription Disc] Top of the Pops (1970) 


Tom Evans Autograph

Tom Evans autograph


John Lennon - Jealous Guy (take 9) (1971)
John Lennon Imagine

Jealous Guy (take 9)

Halfway to the final version (which was take 29) comes this beauty with Joey Molland and Tom Evans from Badfinger on acoustic guitars. 

A powerful version with acoustic guitar from Joey Molland and Tom Evans of Badfinger. Basing it on the White Album outtake “Child of Nature,” written in India with the Maharishi, John saw “Jealous Guy” as his anti-sentimental love song. “I think, ‘Get away from this romantic knight on horseback galloping in,’” John says in his commentary. “The parents, they were fed this guff about the knight in shining armor. And what happened was they got Sid and his braces and it wasn’t the same. He didn’t get Veronica Lake, he got Maggie and her hair curlers. That’s just as beautiful to me — that is love, too.”
We all used to live in a little house together in Golders Green in London. They called  in the afternoon that day, and asked us to come over and play some guitars. John was recording that night and they said, “Would you do him a favour?” Of course, we said yes. Pete wasn't there. I think Pete was home for the weekend. It ended up Tommy and I went. Tommy and I played on ‘Jealous Guy’ and ‘I Don't Want to be a Soldier’. 


Album & Singles out-takes – Stereo

Stereo outtakes from the album and singles sessions, faithfully mixed in a style similar to the originals.

• Original Recordings Produced by John & Yoko and Phil Spector
• 2016-2018 Mixes Produced by Yoko Ono
• Mixed & Engineered by Paul Hicks at Abbey Road Studios & Sear Sound
• Mastered by Gavin Lurssen, Reuben Cohen & Paul Hicks at Lurssen Mastering
• Vinyl Mastering: Ron McMaster at Capitol Studios
• Compilation Producer & Production Manager: Simon Hilton

Paul Hicks: The Ultimate Mixes Out-takes are mixed with a balance and EQ more akin to the original album mixes, with a little bit of additional effects – in the style of a ‘rough listening mix’ that John & Yoko and Phil Spector would have used to play them back at Ascot Sound Studios.
 Imagine John Yoko (Collector's Edition)  Oct 9, 2018 
 Imagine: The Ultimate Collection 
 Bull Moose 
 Imagine John & Yoko(本)発売日:2018年10月09日 6264円 


翻訳:川岸 史/岩井木綿子


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