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バッドフィンガー Badfinger の周辺をいろいろと... Badfinger の曲をカバーした人とか、ちょっと関わった人とか 外周を遠回りに巡ってます

Joey Molland

[Radio 418] Joey Molland: Better Days (October 2, 2019)

Bass guitarist, singer and songwriter John Montagna talks with his fellow musicians and artists about the life in music. 

Radio 418 Joey Molland

 Joey Molland / Kickstarter campaign begins Sep 9, 2019 

 It Was Fifty Years Ago Today - Tour 2019 - A Tribute To The Beatles White Album feat. Christopher Cross, Todd Rundgren, Micky Dolenz, Jason Scheff and Joey Molland! 


[WFMU] Surface Noise with Joe McGasko (September 30, 2019)

Joe talks to Joey Molland  
Surface Noise with Joe McGasko (Mon. Sep 30th, 9am - Noon) 

Joey Molland - Interview Part 1 - (at : 11:04 AM ET) 
Joey Molland - Interview Part 2 - (at : 11:20 AM ET) 
Joey Molland - Interview Part 3 - (at : 11:30 AM ET) 
Joey Molland - Interview Part 4 - (at : 11:35 AM ET) 
Joey Molland - Interview Final Part - (at : 11:43 AM ET) 
WFMU radio
Joe talks to Joey Molland, the last surviving member of Badfinger, about his participation in an upcoming tour featuring Todd Rundgren, Mickey Dolenz, and other notables covering the Beatles' "White Album" live. As astute listeners know, Surface Noise and the White Album go together like chalk and cheese, so this should be one to remember! 



[Magazine] Melody Maker (February 19, 1972)

Melody Maker (February 19, 1972) 
Finger Style   by Chris Charlesworth 
Melody Maker (February 19, 1972) a
BADFINGER - February 1972 Interview   by Chris Charlesworth 

Melody Maker (February 19, 1972) b
 [Melody Maker] Chris Charlesworth 

White Album Tribute Set list (September 21, 2019)

09/21 Atlantic City, NJ @ Golden Nugget 

The Showroom, Golden Nugget Casino Atlantic City (September 21, 2019) 
A Tribute To The Beatles White Album feat. Rundgren, Cross, Dolenz, Scheff and Molland Setlist 


Joey Molland 
02. Dear Prudence 
08. Baby Blue 
09. No Matter What 
16. Savoy Truffle 
 Monkees/Badfinger/Nazz Supergroup Gets Back to '68 by Touring Beatles' "White Album" 


Monkees/Badfinger/Nazz Supergroup Gets Back to '68 by Touring Beatles' "White Album"

Monkees/Badfinger/Nazz Supergroup Gets Back to '68 by Touring Beatles' "White Album" 
Micky Dolenz, Todd Rundgren and Badfinger's Joey Molland answer the musical question: "White" don't we do it on the road? 
   by A.D. AMOROSI 

The 50th anniversary re-release of 1969's "Abbey Road" may be just days away, but that doesn't mean Beatles fans have been there and done that when it comes to celebrating '68. Todd Rundgren, the Monkees' Mickey Dolenz, Badfinger's Joey Molland and several other name musicians of a certain vintage are teaming up to go out on tour playing one of the Fab Four's most controversial projects, the two-LP, four-sided White Album. 
Joey Molland, currently recording a new album with producer Mark Hudson and a Kickstarter to help fund it, became part of Badfinger in 1969 and “missed the White Album by a hair,” he says, with a laugh. “But I had been a fan of theirs since early Liverpool days; even saw them at the Cavern, once or twice, though I was more of a blues guy. Every one of their albums was a knockout, and each one is so different than the last.” 
While Molland is pleased as punch to be doing McCartney's “Blackbird,” John Lennon's “Cry Baby Cry,” Starr's “Don't Pass Me By” and Harrison's “Savoy Truffle,” among others, he's doubly grateful to be hooking up again with the guy who produced Badfinger's “Straight Up” almost five decades ago. 
White Album tour
[Interview] Joey Molland (July 1, 2019) 

Joey Molland: 
I got a call to be on a tour for the 50th anniversary of The Beatles “White Album” with Christopher Cross, Todd Rundgren, Micky Dolenz from The Monkees, and that chap from Chicago, Jason Scheff. I just saw Micky with Mike Nesmith on tour and it was great. Everybody’s learning their songs. I’ll be doing Beatles songs and a couple Badfinger hits too. I wanted to do “Julia,” but Jason will be doing that one. They want me to do “Dear Prudence.” I’m going to do “Good Night,” “Cry Baby Cry,” “Revolution,” and “Savoy Truffle.” I chose those songs because I wanted to do something different from the “White Album,” some lesser known songs, and do a great job on them because The Beatles did a great job on them. The guys from the Rain tour band will be backing us and that is a nice bonus because these guys have all these songs in the bag. They are received so well by audiences, so I think they will be a great contribution to the show. 
Jason Scheff Interview | (Beatles all-star ‘White Album’ Tribute Preview) 

“I got a phone call one day… My record producer, Jay DeMarcus of Rascal Flatts, who was just finishing up my album (coming out in November), he got a phone call from an agent saying that there’s a secretive, cryptic opportunity. ‘Would Jason be interested in doing an all-star band performing with a unique project?’ I said, ‘What is it?’ And I was like, ‘Come on, man, we’re all adults here.’ I got out of him that it’s the Beatles’ White Album. It’s Todd Rundgren, Christopher Cross, Mickey Dolenz, and Joey Molland of Badfinger. And, I said, ‘ABSOLUTELY!’ I love challenges” 
Todd Rundgren & Micky Dolenz Tease Their White Album Covers Tour 


[Interview] Joey Molland of Badfinger (April 8, 2018)

Keith Johnson / April 8, 2018 
Joey Molland / Badfinger / part one 
Joey Molland part one Keith Johnson (April 8, 2018)

Joey Molland / Badfinger / part two 


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