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バッドフィンガー Badfinger の周辺をいろいろと... Badfinger の曲をカバーした人とか、ちょっと関わった人とか 外周を遠回りに巡ってます

I Can't Take It

Day After Day / Baby Blue / I Can't Take It (1982)

1982 tony king vocals guitar tom evans bass vocals mike gibbins drums harmonys steven john keyboards 
badfinger lp "messenger" out worldwide 11.23.2021 

Day After Day messenger

Baby Blue messenger

I Can't Take It messenger
 Badfinger Messenger LP promo 

 Badfinger new lp "Messenger" (November 23, 2021) 

 Badfinger - Lookout California / Lucky Star / Midnight Sun (1982) 

 [Book] Tony King / Living Rock Music History (July 31, 2021) 


The Albatross - I Can't Take It (2013) / Split Single - I Can't Take It (2015)

The Albatross - I Can't Take It (Nov. 23, 2013) 
   Jake Kiehl - Lead Guitar, Lead Vocals 
   Ben Kiehl - Drums, Backing Vocals 
   Zack Stoudemayer - Bass Guitar 
The Albatross
Split Single - I Can't Take It (Nov. 7, 2015) 
   Jason Narducy, John Stirratt, Nora O'Connor, Tim Remis, Nick Macri 



Andrew Ratliff - I Can't Take It (2002)

Andrew Ratliff - I Can't Take It [Pete Ham]

[Various Artists]  Remembering Badfinger 
2002/04/15   CD   Phantom Records:CD0001     8. I Can't Take It - Andrew Ratliff 
Remembering Badfinger (2002)
Recorded in my basement studio on a Roland VS-880 digital multitrack. Original Badfinger track was recorded as a guide. Then drums were recorded onto 4 tracks (kick, snare, L&R overheads). Guitars came next. Matt Aukofer recorded his bass using a rough mix with scratch vocal and sent me his track to line up.
Steve Eisen came over during a lunch break to record his trumpet. I doubled and dropped it an octave for the "trombone" and fattened up the horn section with a synth patch. Final vocals came last, then mixdown.
Wasn't really the song I wanted to do. Was suggested by my brother, John, who ended up not participating, but I had already committed to it. (Ended up contributing vocals to a recording of "Day After Day" for a planned re-issue with bonus tracks, but it never was produced.)
以前掲載した Swingshift の Brad Holmes は、Badfinger をカバーした後で日本に移住して活動しているけど、今回の Andrew Ratliff (三男) は、その逆のパターンでした。
家族そろって歌合戦 (1974)  Family Singing Contest 1974
America Team consistig of Tim, Brent, and Andrew Ratliff

アメリカ・チーム(横浜)     四男ティミー9歳   次男ブレント12歳   三男アンドル・ラトリフ10歳

McVitie's Commercials (Japanese TV) 1973 - 1975
他にも Bigstone Jeans のポスター とか、いくつかやってたみたい。 大鵬の足にしがみついている金髪の子とか、琴桜に睨まれた金髪の子も記憶にあるぞ(どちらも四男) 。
Andrew and Tim
Andrew and Tim Ratliff
家族そろって歌合戦に出演直後、アメリカに戻って、その後立派に成長して Badfinger をカバーして、2009年からは The Apple Core という Beatles tribute band でvocalをやっています。
The Apple Core
The Bedheads - How Can I Meet Her (mid-1980s) 
John Ratliff - Rhythm Guitar 
Tim Ratliff - Vocals 
Andrew Ratliff - Vocals, Drums, Bass, Lead Guitar 

The Bedheads - (All I Have to Do Is) Dream 


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