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バッドフィンガー Badfinger の周辺をいろいろと... Badfinger の曲をカバーした人とか、ちょっと関わった人とか 外周を遠回りに巡ってます


[Magazine] Billboard Buyer's Guide 1970-71 (Sep 12, 1970)

Billboard  Buyer's Guide 1970-71 
Billboard 1970-09-12 Buyer's-Guide
Billboard 1970-09-12 Buyers-Guide p17
Apple Records  May 1969 - May 1970 (pages 9-26) 
Billboard 1970-09-12 Buyer's-Guide p0910
Billboard 1970-09-12 Buyer's-Guide p1112
Billboard 1970-09-12 Buyer's-Guide p1314
Billboard 1970-09-12 Buyer's-Guide p1516
Billboard 1970-09-12 Buyer's-Guide p1718
Billboard 1970-09-12 Buyer's-Guide p1920
Billboard 1970-09-12 Buyer's-Guide p2122
Billboard 1970-09-12 Buyer's-Guide p2324
Billboard 1970-09-12 Buyer's-Guide p2526


[Magazine] Record Collector (2010)

Record Collector #379 (September 2010) 
The articles included are “A is For Apple” – a salute “…to the Beatles’ final flourish of creativity”; an A-Z of the label and its artists; “The 2010 Re-Masters”, where Apple consultant Andy Davis talks about the 15 newly-remastered CDs released worldwide just this week; there’s a comprehensive Apple Records discography (complete with a price-guide for the rarities and not-so rarities); interviews with Mary Hopkin, Peter Asher, Patrick Olive (formerly of The Hot Chocolate Band), Jackie Lomax, and Joey Molland from Badfinger
cover: The Beatles 
Record Collector #379 (September 2010)


[Magazine] Record Collector (2000)

Record Collector #256 (December 2000) 
BADFINGER (4 pages) - The power-pop titans are back in the shops.  
Record Collector #256 (December 2000) c
cover: John Lennon 
Record Collector #256 (December 2000) cover


[Magazine] Record Collector (1988)

Record Collector #109 (September 1988) 
BADFINGER (2½ pages) - Peter Millen explains the tragic history of the pop band who were one of the earliest signings to the Apple label. 
cover: David Bowie 
Record Collector #109 (September 1988)


[Magazine] Australian Record Collector (1995)

Australian Record Collector #18 (September/October 1995) 
Badfinger: We Take a Look at Apple Records Best Known Export. 
Badfinger's :Joey Molland: An ARC Exclusive Gary Katz Chats with Joey Molland about his years with Badfinger. 
Australian Record Collector #18 (September-October 1995) c

Australian Record Collector #18 (September-October 1995) cover


[Magazine] Muziek Expres (1969)

Muziek Expres:   Dutch monthly magazine. January 1956 to December 1989 
Musikexpress:   German version of Muziek Expres. July 1969 -  
Muziek Expres #159 (March 1969)
Muziek Expres #159 (Mar 1969) Iveys
Muziek Expres #159 (Mar 1969) Iveys l
Muziek Expres #159 (Mar 1969) Iveys r
cover: Donovan 
Muziek Expres #159 (Mar 1969) cover
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