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バッドフィンガー Badfinger の周辺をいろいろと... Badfinger の曲をカバーした人とか、ちょっと関わった人とか 外周を遠回りに巡ってます

Wish You Were Here

Amazon Best Sellers Rank: in CDs & Vinyl

Amazon Best Sellers Rank: in CDs & Vinyl 
Badfinger / Expanded and Remastered reissue (Nov 2, 2018) 
Badfinger #94

Badfinger #77
Wish You Were Here / Expanded and Remastered reissue (Nov 2, 2018) 
wywh #99

wywh #80


[Badfinger & Wish You Were Here] Expanded and Remastered reissues (Nov 2, 2018)

Now, Real Gone Music, together with Badfinger biographer Dan Matovina, is taking a fresh look at Badfinger’s brilliant but ill-fated Warner Bros. albums, Badfinger and Wish You Were Here.  It’s the first time the original album’s been remastered (by Matovina from the original master tapes) since its maiden release on CD, while Matovina’s notes include fresh quotes from original producer Chris Thomas!

On November 2, Real Gone Music will release two expanded and remastered reissues of those two Warner Brothers releases.  

Badfinger (the album), will deliver the original album and add in ten bonus tracks, most being “works in progress”. One of the songs, “Love My Lady” is an outtake from the original recording sessions. 
01. I Miss You 
02. Shine On 
03. Love Is Easy 
04. Song For A Lost Friend 
05. Why Don’t We Talk? 
06. Island 
07. Matted Spam 
08. Where Do We Go From Here? 
09. My Heart Goes Out 
10. Lonely You 
11. Give It Up 
12. Andy Norris 
13. Love My Lady – unreleased song outtake 
“Oh Wow” was recorded at Olympic studios with Chris Thomas producing.  It was one of several new ideas Tommy brought to those sessions.  I think we were working on the first Warner Brothers record so it would have to be late summer 1973, I think.  We did “Love is Easy” at the same time.  --- Joey 

14. Shine On – work in progress mix 

15. Song For A Lost Friend – work in progress mix 
16. Island – work in progress mix 
17. Matted Spam – work in progress mix 
18. Where Do We Go From Here – work in progress mix 
19. My Heart Goes Out – work in progress mix 
20. Lonely You – work in progress mix 
21. Give It Up – work in progress mix 
22. Andy Norris – work in progress mix 
Tracks 1-12 from Badfinger, Warner Bros. LP BS 2762, 1974 
Tracks 13-22 previously unreleased 
Wish You Were Here will provide the original nine tracks remastered and expand it with a more luxurious offering of nine 2018 alternate mixes, and one unreleased song, “Queen Of Darkness”, newly mixed in 2018, all exclusively for this reissue package.  
01. Just A Chance 
02. You’re So Fine 
03. Got To Get Out Of Here 
04. Know One Knows 
05. Dennis 
06. In The Meantime/Some Other Time 
07. Love Time 
08. King Of The Load (T) 
09. Meanwhile Back At The Ranch/Should I Smoke 
10. Queen Of Darkness – unreleased song mixed 2018 

11. Just A Chance – alternate mix 2018 
12. Your So Fine – alternate mix 2018 
13. Got To Get Out Of Here – alternate mix 2018 
14. Know One Knows – alternate mix 2018 
15. Dennis – alternate mix 2018 
16. In The Meantime / Some Other Time – alternate mix 2018 
17. Love Time – alternate mix 2018 
18. Meanwhile Back At The Ranch / Should I Smoke – alternate mix 2018 
19. Know One Knows – alternate Single mix 2018 
Tracks 1-9 from Wish You Were Here, Warner Bros. LP BS 2827, 1974 
Tracks 10-19 previously unreleased 
 Badfinger Expanded Edition amazon (will be released on November 2, 2018) 
 Badfinger Expanded Edition UK amazon 
 Wish You Were Here Expanded Edition amazon (will be released on November 2, 2018) 
 Wish You Were Here Expanded Edition UK amazon 

 ワーナーからの2枚のアルバム、リマスターされ11月2日に再発 41曲 

[Newspaper/Wish You Were Here] The Daily Illini (Nov 14, 1974)

The Daily Illini  [The independent student newspaper at the University of Illinois since 1871] 
The Daily Illini (November 14, 1974) 
Daily Illini (Nov 14, 1974)p22 wywh


[Album Review] Badfinger / Wish You Were Here

Badfinger Wish You Were Here Album Review 

12:13 - 13:04 the White Hart pub in New Haw, Surrey 
Tom was working in a factory as a labourer 
Tom working in a factory as a labourer
John Heaton Wish You Were Here


[Newspaper/Wish You Were Here] The Canberra Times (March 24, 1975)

The Canberra Times is a daily newspaper in Canberra, Australia. 
The Canberra Times (March 24, 1975) 
The Canberra Times (Mar 24, 1975)


[Magazine] ミュージック・ライフ Music Life (August 1974)

ミュージック・ライフ Music Life (August 1974) 
London Report (early June, 1974) 
ロンドン・ロック アドベンチャーるぽ 
Soon to be out!  Badfinger's new album 
Music Life (August 1974) a
日本から帰ってすぐ Badfinger のプロデュースに取り組むという多忙な Chris Thomas (r) 
深夜のレコーディングに張り切る Badfinger の面々 (AIR Studios) 
Music Life (August 1974) b
Badfinger:   Chris Thomas を今回もプロデユーサーにむかえ、ジェームス・ガルシオのカリブ・ランチでレコーディングした Badfinger は、London の AIR Studios で最終段階のレコーディングにとりかかっていた。4人共気のいい連中といった感じで、和気あいあいのうちにレコーディングは進められていった。 
Music Life (August 1974) Badfinger
Music Life (August 1974)
cover: Keith Emerson 
Music Life (August 1974) cover

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