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バッドフィンガー Badfinger の周辺をいろいろと... Badfinger の曲をカバーした人とか、ちょっと関わった人とか 外周を遠回りに巡ってます


[Newspaper/Airwaves] Clarkson Integrator (March 13, 1979)

Clarkson Integrator  [Clarkson University's Student-Run newspaper, Produced Weekly. Potsdam, NY] 
Clarkson Integrator (March 13, 1979) 
Clarkson Integrator (March 13, 1979)


Ken Harck

Ken Harck 

This is Kenn Peterson, friend of Kenny. He went to the emergency room on sunday after an unexpected event.His condition is very serious, but still in flux. He will be aware of your good wishes. You may not have been able to get through on his home line, but it's now repaired and I'll try to answer or get back to you as soon as I can. I don't know what's going to happen, but I know he's tough. He's the John McCain of rock drummers.

 Bun Carlos


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Ken's in ICU and not doing well I'm told. He could use your prayers or best wishes and good thoughts, whatever works for ya'.......

I've known Ken since the 1970's.

He drummed for Off Broadway and Badfinger among others.

Ken is best known for his Circus and Old West poster collections.

Ken's also a drum collector and owns some of the rarest sets around.

Most important of all, Ken's a good guy. I'm hoping for the best. 

[Airwaves] Hand Signed by 3 Original Members - Read True Story

まず最初に Tom からサインをもらう。 "Stuart, Thanks, Tom Evans"
Tony Kaye からもサインをもらう。 [サインした場所を考えると、Tom よりも先に書いたのかも]
数年後 Joey にも追記してもらおうとしたら、Joey は Tony Kaye のサインを消してから "Fuck You Tony"
そして 右下の空欄に "I Love You, Joey Molland"
それから10数年後、Mike は "I've got it!" と言ってから
"You Suck, You Cunts, Mike Gibbins" とサイン。

左上の Tony Kay と その下の Tom はペンが細い。たぶんそれと同時(Tom の直前?)に右上にも誰か書いている?


Badfinger / Airwaves & Say No More Demos

Badfinger - Airwaves & Say No More Demos
Badfinger - Airwaves & Say No More Demos back
デモだから正規盤と違って聴き慣れてなくて、なんか新鮮な感じがいいね。 やっぱり曲がいいんだね。ピートがいないからバッドフィンガーじゃないなんて言ってる人もいるけど、ここまではバッドフィンガーだな。


[Magazine] Pelo #117 (1979)

Pelo:   Argentina monthly magazine
Pelo #117 (1979)    再編Badfinger / Airwaves 時の Joey への interview が少し 
Pelo #117 (1979)
cover: Ron Wood 
Pelo #117 1979 cover


rehearsal session for Airwaves in LA / first Badfinger reunion

Topic: Tommy Evans of Badfinger 
Norm Hasenfang 
Rehearsal session for Airwaves in LA. All pictures were taken by Norm Hasenfang. 
Tom rehearsal session for Airwaves
Tom, Joey rehearsal session for Airwaves
Tom,  Mike? Ken? rehearsal session for Airwaves
Nick Lohri 
An interesting footnote is that, just prior to joining TOYS, Nick Lohri was slated to replace the late Pete Ham, when Badfinger was ready to first reunite around 1977. At the last minute the mom of one of the original three remaining members passed away and the tour got scrapped. [1976年暮に Joey の母が亡くなり、Joey はLAから英国に戻り、2月まで滞在している。その際 Dodgers 在籍の Tom に会っているが、上の話は時期的にもおかしくない? 本人じゃなくて友人と名乗る人があちこちに書いているから、話が誇張されているのかも] 
Toys - Banshee Woman (1980)

The Rock Club [Ronnie D'Addario (vocals, guitar), Nick Lohri (guitar, vocals), Bob Sole (bass, vocals), Glen Robert Allen (drums)] - Heroes Are So Easily Replaced


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