Badfinger covers

バッドフィンガー Badfinger の周辺をいろいろと... Badfinger の曲をカバーした人とか、ちょっと関わった人とか 外周を遠回りに巡ってます

Head First

3年6ヶ月経ったので、方針変換。 合いの手係を募集します。 やりたい人連絡して(2016/12/13) (2017/06/12終了)

Badfinger / Pros & Cons (Cash Box, March 22, 1975)

Cash Box (March 8, 1975)
Cash Box 19750308

Cash Box (March 22, 1975) 
 Cash Box 19750322


Kenny Kerner dies at 66 (May 27, 2014)

Kenny Kerner and Richie Wise co-produced Kiss’ first two albums. Both ‘Kiss’ and ‘Hotter Than Hell’ were released in 1974.  Other artists Kerner produced included Dust, Jose Feliciano, Teena Marie, Steve Marriott and Badfinger [Head First].
Kenny Kerner
Kenny Kerner talks KISS (March 19th 2014)
   Tom Evans と Hey Jude について 12:30から 2分ちょっと話してる
   The Iveys - "Hey Jude" and "The White Album" by Tom Brennan
Badfinger / Head First (1974)
The original track listing was originally compiled by Kenny Kerner and Richie Wise.
Side one
    "Lay Me Down"
    "Turn Around"
    "Keep Believing"
    "Rockin' Machine"
    "Passed Fast"
Side two
    "Saville Row"
    "Rock and Roll Contract"
    "Back Again"
    "Hey, Mr. Manager"

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