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バッドフィンガー Badfinger の周辺をいろいろと... Badfinger の曲をカバーした人とか、ちょっと関わった人とか 外周を遠回りに巡ってます


[eBay] Apple Records Promotional Flyers (1970)


Three pieces of original Apple Records promotional material from early 1970. These were collected by my wife, who got them at Apple when she was there as an "Apple Scruff." The three pieces include a list of Apple releases (the latest listed is Doris Troy's "Ain't That Cute" single, released in the UK in February, 1970), a 2 p. flyer listing "advance news" of Apple artists, including solo Beatles efforts, and a 2 p. press release featuring Mary Hopkin, "Britain's Eurovision Girl."
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Badfinger: Currently on a sell-out tour of the U.S.A. before going on to Australia, Badfinger are worthily following up their worldwide hit "Come And Get It" with a group composition "No Matter What". Both this single and a brand new album called "No Dice" are already in the U.S. charts - and look certain to repeat their success over here. 
Apple Records Promotional Flyer 1
Apple Records Promotional Flyer 2

Apple Releases


[eBay] Autographed T-shirt of Joey Molland of Badfinger

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Autographed T-shirt of Joey Molland of Badfinger c
Autographed T-shirt of Joey Molland of Badfinger a
T-shirt Badfinger 1982 tour


Badfinger / Best of CD - Signed by Mike Gibbins, Joey Molland +1 Other

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Signed by Mike Gibbins, Joey Molland +1 CD
I met 3 members of Badfinger in Chicago at a Beatles convention in 1996. The signatures on this CD are of Mike Gibbins, Joey Molland, and the third member is either Robert Jackson or Albert Wodtke, I honestly cannot remember; If someone does recognize the signature, please let me know. Joey also signed the year '96 by his name. All 3 members had signed their names using a gold ink permanent marker, which blended in with the color of the insert. 


[eBay] Badfinger / Finest Moments (SAPCOR 28)

BADFINGER LP "Finest Moments" NM APPLE giga rare! Aussie (Sapcor 28) 12" 
November 30, 2019 at 11:06:08PM PST 
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LP Finest Moments SAPCOR 28 x
LP Finest Moments SAPCOR 28 r1
LP Finest Moments SAPCOR 28 r2
LP Finest Moments SAPCOR 28 ee
LP Finest Moments SAPCOR 28 ff
------------------------------------------------------------------------------  2016-17 
LP Finest Moments SAPCOR 28 eil 2016
Badfinger / Finest Moments  
A Memorial to Pete Ham, Tom Evans and Mal Evans 

Badfinger Finest Moments
BADFINGER Finest Moments (One of the rarest official items available on Apple, this is the withdrawn 1989 Australian only 16-track 'Best Of' LP that ended up with just ten copies pressed for review purposes. According to The Apple Log book, the album was assembled by someone from EMI who wanted a 'Best of' Badfinger LP. Because of ongoing legal problems that Apple were having at the time, the project was scrapped even before any sleeves were printed, just a 12" insert printed on greenpaper, declaring the album to be 'A Memorial To Pete Ham, Tom Evans And Mal Evans'. All tracks are from master tapes except 'Without You' which was clearly taken from vinyl. The insert sheet is near 'as new' & the vinyl near mint - this copy originally came directly from a senior executive at EMI Australia SAPCOR 28). 
Badfinger Finest Moments r1

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[eBay] The Dodgers / Breakaway - RARE Unreleased White Label Promo 1-Sided LP

The Dodgers / Breakaway - RARE Unreleased White Label Promo 1-Sided LP 
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Dodgers - Breakaway - Unreleased White Label Promo 1-Sided LP

This is a very rare (possibly unique!) white label promo or test pressing LP by late 70s band The Dodgers, who had 2 ex-members (Tom Evans & Bob Jackson) of Badfinger in their ranks. 
It is a 1-sided record - side 2 is totally blank. Side 1 contains 7 tracks. Both labels are plain, but Side 1 has some handwriting on it, including 3 song titles - Strong On You, Come Out Fighting (a track on their Polydor 1978 album Love on the Rebound) and Knock Down The Door. 

The other 4 tracks are not named, but if I had to guess at titles I would say  Watch out don't let the daylight in, New friends for old, A little knowledge is a dangerous thing & Get up get out of bed. Some of these tracks don't have drums on them, so I would imagine that they are demos or even rehearsal recordings. 

I haven't been able to find out any info on this record online, but I suspect that they may be either 1978 recordings for their unreleased second album, or demos recorded for their publishing company, which was called Breakaway Songs Ltd - Breakaway is mentioned on the label. 
Matrix number on side 1 is DS1 -1. On side 2 it is LFPB 2. 


[EP/Bolivia] Badfinger (Apple:BOD-5210)

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Bolivia EP BOD-5210 r1
Bolivia EP BOD-5210 r2
Bolivia EP BOD-5210 b
Bolivia EP BOD-5210 a
fake PS ??? 
George Szell, The Cleveland Orchestra ‎/ Wagner Showpieces (1967) 
Wagner Showpieces_George Szell LP cut

Wagner Showpieces~George Szell LP

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