Khizar Jamil - It Doesn't Really Matter [Pete Ham] 


This is a remixed version of a great song I covered back in 2008 as part of a Pete Ham covers album I was working on at the time. Unfortunately, the project was rushed and most of the songs weren't up to scratch (although some of the stuff is still out there).

Fortunately, I preserved the session multitracks and although the original end result for this track was acceptable, I felt it could be improved on a lot - particularly in terms of mixing. As this is also my favourite Pete Ham song, I wanted to be sure that it sounded better than before, so I remixed it from scratch in Logic Pro 9 and re-recorded the keyboards and added some percussion. I'm pleased with the end result, nearly 10 years on!


Will Jones - Drums
Khizar Jamil - Everything else inc. production and mixing
 Khizar Jamil / A Tribute To Pete Ham (2008) 
 Khizar Jamil - A Tribute To Pete Ham (2008)