Alex Radeff - I Got You (2017) 

 with Andrea Rojas at the True Love Café, Canada 
Alex Radeff show with Andrea Rojas
Alex Radeff and Donkey - Day After Day (2017) 

Alex Radeff - Guitar / Vocals
Joe Spina - Bass
Mario Molinaro - Drums
Alex Radeff and Donkey - The Day We Say Goodbye (2016) 

Alex Radeff is a Toronto based singer/songwriter/guitarist and Donkey is the rock/pop group that is a vehicle for his musical and lyrical talents.  The music that Alex & Donkey produce ranges from melodic hard rock to pop ballads to ambient textures as well as humorous comedy spoofs. “What can be categorized under rock/pop is pretty limitless and I believe in the concept of rock as an art form.” says Alex.  The name Donkey was inspired by British band Badfinger that released an album called “Ass” on Apple Records.