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[Tracks] Badfinger Come and Get It - Apple Music Promotional Card (Italy)

B31632 – Badfinger 1969 Come & Get It The Taste Of Apple Music Promotional Card (Italy) 

An Italian double sided promotional card for the Badfinger single ‘Come and Get It’ which was released on 5th December 1969 with the catalogue number APPLE 20. The card also advertises the album ‘Magic Christian Music’. The text on the back of the card reads ‘il sapore della musica apple’ which translates to ‘The taste of music Apple’. The promotional card measures 10cm x 15cm (3.9 inches x 6 inches). There is a stain at the top of the card. The condition is very good. 
Badfinger Come and Get It - Apple Music Promotional Card (Italy)


Apple Re-Issue Campaign Special DJ Copy (1991/1992)

Apple Re-Issue Campaign - Phase I (1991) 
Re-Issue Campaign I SPCD-1219 a
Re-Issue Campaign I SPCD-1219 b
01. Mary Hopkin - Those Were the Days 
02. Mary Hopkin - Y Blodyn Gwyn 
03. Mary Hopkin - Turn Turn Turn 
04. Mary Hopkin - Young Love 
05. James Taylor - Carolina in My Mind 
06. James Taylor - Something's Wrong 
07. Billy Preston - That's the Way God Planned It 
08. Billy Preston - Everything's Alright 
09. Jackie Lomax - Sour Milk Sea 
10. Jackie Lomax - The Eagle Laughs at You 
11. Badfinger - Come and Get It 
12. Badfinger - Beautiful and Blue 
13. Badfinger - Carry on Till Tomorrow 
14. Badfinger - Maybe Tomorrow 
Re-Issue Campaign I SPCD-1219 c
Apple Re-Issue Campaign - Phase II (1992) 
Re-Issue Campaign II PCD-0306 a
Re-Issue Campaign II PCD-0306 b
01. Badfinger - No Matter What 
02. Badfinger - Without You 
03. Badfinger - I Can't Take It 
04. Mary Hopkin - Earth Song 
05. Mary Hopkin - Streets of London 
06. Mary Hopkin - Water Paper & Clay 
07. The Iveys - Maybe Tomorrow 
08. The Iveys - Dear Angie 
09. The Iveys - They're Knocking Down Our Home 
10. Doris Troy - Ain't That Cute 
11. Doris Troy - Jacob's Ladder 
12. George Harrison - Ski-ing 
13. George Harrison - Gat Kirwani 
14. George Harrison - Dream Scene 
Re-Issue Campaign II PCD-0306 c


[eBay] Apple Records Promotional Flyers (1970)


Three pieces of original Apple Records promotional material from early 1970. These were collected by my wife, who got them at Apple when she was there as an "Apple Scruff." The three pieces include a list of Apple releases (the latest listed is Doris Troy's "Ain't That Cute" single, released in the UK in February, 1970), a 2 p. flyer listing "advance news" of Apple artists, including solo Beatles efforts, and a 2 p. press release featuring Mary Hopkin, "Britain's Eurovision Girl."
Starting Price: US $30.00  April 6, 2020 at 11:28AM PDT 
Duration: 7 days 
Ended: April 13, 2020 at 11:28:18AM PDT 
Winning bid: US $67.66 [ 4 bids ] 
Badfinger: Currently on a sell-out tour of the U.S.A. before going on to Australia, Badfinger are worthily following up their worldwide hit "Come And Get It" with a group composition "No Matter What". Both this single and a brand new album called "No Dice" are already in the U.S. charts - and look certain to repeat their success over here. 
Apple Records Promotional Flyer 1
Apple Records Promotional Flyer 2

Apple Releases


The Magic Christian / Promo Program Press Book (1969)

Promo Program Press Book from Commonwealth United sent out to movie theaters to promote and to help promote the movie, The Magic Christian," starring Peter Sellers & Ringo Starr. 
The Magic Christian 1969 Promo Program Pressbook cover
The Magic Christian 1969 Promo Program Pressbook p8
The Magic Christian 1969 Promo Program Pressbook p9
The Magic Christian 1969 Promo Program Pressbook p18
The Magic Christian 1969 Promo Program Pressbook p19
The Magic Christian 1969 Promo Program Pressbook p24
The Magic Christian 1969 Promo Program Pressbook p25
The Magic Christian 1969 Promo Program Pressbook back


Badfinger Japan Tour 1991 brochure

Feb 1991 Japanese 10"x7" Tour programme (24 pages) sponsored by HMV,
featuring photographs from throughout their career including a discography, all text in Japanese. 
   by バッドフィンガー同好会 (Badfinger Fan Club Japan) 
1991 Badfinger a
1991 Badfinger b
A.J. Nicholas (bass), John Richar​dson (drums), Mike Lichey (guitar) 
Joey's Badfinger 1991
1991 Badfinger c
1991 Badfinger d
1991 Badfinger e
1991 Badfinger f
1991 Badfinger T-shirt 
1991 Badfinger T-shirt
 1990年 デイ・アフター・デイ ライブ 1974 豪華ブックレット 
 1991年 ジョーイ・モーランド来日直前インタビュー 

Kathie Molland / Dear Fan (1990)

Dear Fan, 
Kathie Molland - Dear Fan 1
Kathie Molland - Dear Fan 2

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