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バッドフィンガー Badfinger の周辺をいろいろと... Badfinger の曲をカバーした人とか、ちょっと関わった人とか 外周を遠回りに巡ってます


Bill & Boyd - Without You (1982)

Bill & Boyd - Without You [Ham - Evans]
     [arranged and produced by Doug Trevor] 
Bill & Boyd - LP r2
Bill & Boyd / Dreamin' 18 All Time Greats 
1982/03   LP   J&B:JB 101     Side:2-2. Without You 
Bill & Boyd - LP a

1982/03   cass   J&B:JB 101C     Side:1-9. Without You 
Bill & Boyd - cass b
Bill & Boyd - cass a


Deborah Sasson - Without You (1996)

Deborah Sasson - Without You [Harry Edward Nilsson
   [Arranged by Jürgen Fritz] 
Deborah Sasson Without You c
Deborah Sasson / Without You 
1996/04/13   CD   LaserLight Digital:16 161     1. Without You 
Deborah Sasson Without You b
Deborah Sasson Without You a
Deborah Sasson Without You r
Soprano Vocals: Deborah Sasson 
Conductor: Peter Falk 
Orchestra: New Classical Ensemble 
Keyboards: Jürgen Fritz 


The Barron Knights - Without You (1974)

The Barron Knights - Without You [Nilsson
   [Producer: The Barron Knights] 
Barron Knights Odds on Favourites r2
The Barron Knights / Odds on Favourites 
1974/   LP   Tavern Records:STA 1005     Side:2-4. Without You
Barron Knights Odds on Favourites b
Barron Knights Odds on Favourites a
Barron Knights 
1975/   LP  Impacto:EL-141     Side:1-3. Without You 
Barron Knights Barron Knights r1
Barron Knights Barron Knights b
Barron Knights Barron Knights a
Barron Anthony (g,v) 
Butch Baker (g,v) 
Pete Langford (b,v) 
Dave Ballinger (d) 
Duke D'Mond (v) 
Me: Elton John Official Autobiography 
Me Elton John Official Autobiography


Ricki Disoni - Without You (1974)

Ricki Disoni - Without You [Nilsson]
This Is Ricki Disoni r2
This Is Ricki Disoni 
1974/   LP   SRT:SRTF 73333     Side:2-5. Without You 
This Is Ricki Disoni a
This Is Ricki Disoni b
Ricki Disoni: Vocals (aka Gordon Waddison)
The Bob Taggart Orchestra 
Piano: Bob Taggart 
Bass: Cliff Sleigh 
Drums: Robbie Winter 
Guitar: Phil Brooke 
Trumpet: Mike Davis, Johnny Lambe, Roy Symonds 
Trombone: Nick Flood, John Lewis 
Reeds: Trevor Oerton, George Wellings, Cyril Fox, Alan Withers 
Live at The Talk of the Midlands Club 
Producer: Dave Richardson 


Johnny Edwards - Without You (1976)

Johnny Edwards - Without You [Ham - Evans] [Producer, Arranged by – Syd Dale] 
Johnny Edwards - Netherlands r1
Johnny Edwards / Slightly Latin 
1976/   LP   BBC Record:REC 237     Side:1-3. Without You 
Johnny Edwards - UK a
Johnny Edwards - UK b
1976/   LP   Varagram:REC 237     Side:1-3. Without You 
Johnny Edwards - Netherlands a
Johnny Edwards - Netherlands b
Trombone: Johnny Edwards, Ted Barker 
Keyboards: Jerry Butler 
Percussion: Eric Allen, John Blanchard, Jim Lawless, Tony Carr 
Guitar: Eric Ford, Vic Flick 
Bass: Herbie Flowers 


Phoenix - Day After Day (1974)

Phoenix - Day After Day (1974) 
Phoenix / Night Street   [9 songs] 
1974/   LP        Side:1-4. Day After Day 
Phoenix- Night Street LP 1974
Phoenix / Night Street   [+4 bonus tracks] 
2009/   CD   Nirvana:NPCD001     4. Day After Day 
Phoenix - Night Street CD 2009 back
Phoenix - Night Street CD 2009

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