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バッドフィンガー Badfinger の周辺をいろいろと... Badfinger の曲をカバーした人とか、ちょっと関わった人とか 外周を遠回りに巡ってます

Love Me Do

Tirso Cruz III - Love Me Do (1971)

Tirso Cruz III - Love Me Do [Badfinger] 
     [arranged by Orly Ilacad] 

1971/   7"   Vicor:     Love Me Do b/w It's Up To You Petula 
Tirso Cruz III Love Me Do
Tirso Cruz III / Pip at the Top 
1971/   LP   Vicor:459130     Side:1-3. Love Me Do 
Tirso Cruz III - Pip at the Top
Tirso Cruz III / Vicor Music 40th Anniversary Collection 
2008/02/22   mp3   Vicor:     Disc:1-9. Love Me Do 
Tirso Cruz III (Vicor Music 40th Anniversary Collection)


Rock Pilot - Love Me Do / No Matter What (1972)

ロック・パイロット Rock Pilot - No Matter What 嵐の恋 
Rock Pilot - Last Departure r1
ロック・パイロット Rock Pilot / Last Departure 最後の出発 
1972年6月17日 解散 Live (日本青年館) 
自主制作LP  SS2,581 制作・渡辺プロ・タレント友の会  
Side:1-8. 嵐の恋 No Matter What
中尾喜紀 v,  中村健人 v,  矢花郁雄 g,  木幡聖彦 b,  西亜紀人 k,  秋本良永 d
Rock Pilot - Last Departure
Side:1-5. Love Me Do もBadfinger のカバー曲との情報、ありがとうございます。タイトルに追加しておきました。 


The RAZ Band / Madison Park (Nov 2015)

The RAZ Band / Madison Park 
2015/11/20   CD   Gonzo:HST356CD     14. Love Me Do [Joey Molland]

The Raz Band - Madison Park back
The Raz Band - Madison Park

Michael Raz Rescigno (g,v) 
Jeff Hutch Hutchinson (d,v) 
Jim Manzo (b,v) 
Joey Molland (g,v) 
Joe Vitale (k,v) 
数年前には OTYP (Older Than Your Parents)名でも活動していた。 
Funding Unsuccessful 
The project's funding goal was not reached on Sun, June 2, 2013 3:59 AM UTC 
Older Than Your Parents 
Two guys from Jersey with a so cal dude looking to tour with two rock legends Joey Molland [Badfinger] Joe Vitale [Walsh, CSN] 
過去にも RAZ の3人と一緒に録音している Joey と Joe Vitale 
1999   Razfinger 
2001   It's All About Me (Old School) 
1980年代以降、10枚前後のCDやEPを出しているみたい。 かなり曲がかぶっていたり再録音していたりでよくわからないけど、少なくても今回の収録曲の内13曲は過去に出されたことがある曲。 
"Time Marches On" was writen about Tommy Evans and recorded in 1987.  Joey was in town playing at the Beatlefest, and when he was done there, we went into the studio.  The engineer was Gordon Copely, (he was the bass player in the Lita Ford Band at the time).  I was sitting on my bed, listening to a Tom Evans tape when I flashed back to the first time I hung out with Tommy and he had his arm around my shoulder, looked me in the eyes and said, "It's a shame about Peter, (Ham), I could never do anything like that".  Man, the sadness in his eyes was overwhelming!  I felt like Tommy's soul would never get over Peter's death.  It was then that the words for this song came tumbling out.  It was really cool having Joey sing on a song about his ex Badfinger mate Tommy!  The song was the single for the compilation album, "The Best of L.A.".  - Michael Raz Rescigno 
Tom Evans について歌っている Time Marches On は1987年のシングルB面曲で Joey も参加。 同年の Best of Los Angeles というコンピ盤にA面とともに収録。その後1999年のCD Razfinger にも収録され、2004年には When Dogs Fly South というアルバムで再録音。 

この When Dogs Fly South には、Badfinger の No Matter What と Love Me Do も収録されており、今回のアルバム収録曲中8曲がここにも収められています。 
2000年のCD Razfinger にHidden Trackとして収録された Love Me Do は1993年のLiveとのこと。 
A celebration of people involved in music

We plan on recording/filming our live show for a cd and dvd release. Honestly our set is killer. We'll be performing lots of RAZ songs, Joey Molland songs, Badfinger songs, Hits that Joe Vitale has co-written, plus some solo Joe Vitale songs and more. - Michael Raz Rescigno

Gonzo #139 Raz Band
Rock Legends "The Raz Band" Releases New Album Featuring Badfinger's Joey Molland and Drum Legend Joe Vitale! 

​In early 2016 ​Gonzo MultiMedia will be releasing "The Best of RAZ"​. Followed by the release of "Razfinger" in the spring. The RAZ Band with Joey Molland & Joe Vitale are planning to perform in Englan​d​​​ and elsewhere ​in 2016 and record a live CD and DVD. 
Gonzo #139 Raz + Joey
 The RAZ Band at Brighton Bar (Sep 17, 2016) 

 Live From Dennis' House with guests the RAZ Band (Oct 2016) 

 The RAZ Band / #9 (February 9, 2019) 


Badfinger - Love Me Do // karaoke

Badfinger - Love Me Do [Joey Molland]

Ameritz Countdown Karaoke - Single
2012/12/14   Ameritz Music:     Love Me Do (In the Style of Badfinger) [Karaoke Version]

Ameritz Countdown Karaoke / Rock 'n' Roll Hits, Vol. 2
2013/04/17   Ameritz Music:     11. Love Me Do (In the Style of Badfinger) [Karaoke Version]


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