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絶対無 Zettaimu / new Clear( ); (2017)

絶対無 Zettaimu / new Clear( );      6th album 
2017/07/05   CD   Garando:     7. Carry On Till Tomorrow  [Pete Ham & Tom Evans (Badfinger)] 
絶対無 - new Clear( ); d

絶対無 - new Clear( ); b
絶対無 - new Clear( ); a
絶対無 - new Clear( ); c

Hisashi Furue - vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, pianos, electric bass, keyboards, systhesizer, percussion, etc.,
Michinobu Matsuhashi - drums, background vocals
Mariko - vocals and background vocals
Hiroaki Horiuchi - electric bass, background vocals
​Produced, arranged and engineered by Hisashi Furue
Mixed and mastered by Hisashi Furue at Atelier508 in Tokyo
Except trk.1&7 mixed by Ryo Azuma

Zettaimu releases this album after ten years from the last one.
The leader of the band, Mr.Furue lost his motivation to create music because of his dear sister's death, his dog' death and the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011. Fortunately some warm musicians and artists helped him complete the songs and finally it was released.
The title "new Clear( );" means creating a new instance by programming language.



 絶対無 Zettaimu - Carry On Till Tomorrow (January 7, 2015) 

絶対無 Zettaimu - Carry On Till Tomorrow (January 7, 2015)

絶対無 Zettaimu - Carry On Till Tomorrow [Tom Evans - Pete Ham]

(2014/11/25) 新曲「ムーランルージュ」作成中の絶対無だが、ちょっと寄り道をしたもよう。古江(G)が突然、パワーポップの元祖と言われるあの「Badfinger」の名曲「Carry On Till Tomorrow」を初カバーとしてレコーディング。
絶対無 シングル先行リリース
Carry On Till Tomorrow
2015年1月7日 伽藍堂レコード
初のカバーとなる Badfinger の名曲「Carry On Till Tomorrow(邦題:明日の風)」を急きょリリース!
自分が小学校の頃、姉にロックやポップスなどを教えてもらい洋楽に心を奪われ、そのずっと後に自分で曲を作るようになったわけですが、その姉も大好きでEPレコードを買ってくれた「明日の風」という曲を、姉が亡くなった直後から、いつか姉に恩返しのためにプレゼントしようと思っていました。バタバタと録音しちゃったけど、完成して胸がスッキリしました。 今回は絶対無の曲でよく使うコードのテンションや和音をサラッと混ぜて、アコギとストリングスだけでシンプルに、原曲の輪郭を壊さずに渋くまとめたつもりです。
醜く汚れた音楽業界人たちに見殺しにされ自ら命を絶った二人の才能あるアーティスト Tom Evans と Pete Ham、そして・・・音楽の素晴らしさを教えてくれた姉に捧げます・・・

【Zettaimu: Hisashi's Comments】
I learned about the original song (by Badfinger) from my elder sister when I was an elementary school student. She was very kind to me and bought a EP record of the song for me and I loved it. I was always listening to it. But she died of breast cancer three year ago. Then I decided to record the song to give to her.

A tribute to my dear sister, Pete Ham & Tom Evans (Badfinger), two talented artists driven to suicide by the wicked, stupid people of the music industry... 
 絶対無 Zettaimu / new Clear( ); (2017) 

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