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バッドフィンガー Badfinger の周辺をいろいろと... Badfinger の曲をカバーした人とか、ちょっと関わった人とか 外周を遠回りに巡ってます


[Newspaper] The Palm Beach Post / Dayton Daily News (June 1971)

Music Machine: 
Al Kooper will do a Badfinger session in Britain this summer. 
The Palm Beach Post (June 6, 1971) 
The Palm Beach Post June 6, 1971 Al Kooper
Dayton Daily News (June 20, 1971) 
Dayton Daily News June 20, 1971 Al Kooper


Al Kooper (April/May 2004)

Al Kooper (April/May 2004) 
271 :ホワイトアルバムさん:04/04/20 00:54 ID:76k1DdP+

2004年4月8日 0:02 
I did work on a great version of Name Of The Game that I don't have 
a copy of but I'm sure a 'popper does. It's unreleased (of course) 
and it has Al's organ and remix. I toured with them a lot (we played 
Carnegie Hall together) They were great guys. 

Al "Goodfinger" Kooper 
Badfinger Carnegie Hall
289ホワイトアルバムさん:04/05/25 08:17 ID:GYsHLpLr

2004年5月24日 12:17 
Badfinger & I were managed by Stan Polley. We were also both booked by Jeff 
Franklin at ATI, so we toured together a great deal and even co-headlined Carnegie 
Hall. Their record company asked me to remix and add organ to a track they did 
so it could be released as a single. I went to the studio and worked all night on that 
project. It was a version of Name Of the Game that had a full orchestra on it. I 
overdubbed an organ and spent all night remixing it. Never came out. It was pretty 
darn good, too! 

Stan Polley is quite a character. He "manged" us, The Tokens, Lou Christie, 
Charlie Calello, Irwin Levine, Neil Bogart, Kenny Kerner & Richie Wise, and a 
few others. He extracted zillions of dollars from us, and then quietly disappeared 
to Palm Springs, where he resides today, in his late '80s. He got most of my Lynyrd 
Skynyrd money, all of Badfinger's, and probably a lot of the others mentioned. He 
was NOT a stupid man, he just had no regard for the human condition. In retrospect, 
he ruined my life financially until I got away from him and pulled myself up off the 
ground in the late '80s. He was not the only villain in my life, but a memorable one. 

G'night for now, 
Old Al Kooper 
 [Magazine] Cash Box (January 16, 1971) 


[Magazine] Cash Box (January 16, 1971)

Cash Box (January 16, 1971) 
Cash Box 19710116 Kooper
Al Kooper 
For the past month or so he's been in London, cutting a new album [New York City (You're a Woman) A1/A5/B5] at Trident Studios. His backup men included some of the guys [Caleb Quaye, Roger Pope and Herbie Flowers] who worked and waxed with Elton John, plus a few Badfinger [気配は感じられない] musicians.  
 Al Kooper (April/May 2004) 


[Magazine] Badfinger Carnegie Hall - Cash Box / Billboard (March 1972)

Cash Box / March 25, 1972 
Cash Box 19720325 Badfinger
Cash Box / March 11, 1972 
Cash Box 19720311 Carnegie
Billboard / March 18, 1972 
Billboard 19720318 Carnegie

BADFINGER - Carnegie Hall, March 1, 1972 
Badfinger Carnegie Hall
Badfinger / Live Carnegie Hall 1972 
(Photos: March 8, 1974 Badfinger concert in Vancouver) 
Badfinger Live Carnegie Hall NYC 3-1-1972 back
Badfinger Live Carnegie Hall NYC 3-1-1972
Steve Sherry / Seeing Badfinger at Carnegie Hall (March 1, 1972

 [Magazine] Melody Maker (March 11, 1972) 

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