The Embrooks - Francis [Leeds/Molland/Crane/Lawson]
   Gary Walker & the Rain の Francis をカバーしている。

The trio was formed in late 1996 by bassist/vocalist Mole (ex-Mystreated/Stewed), guitarist/vocalist Alessandro Cozzi Lepri (ex-Head & the Hares), and drummer Lois Tozer 

2004/12/06   CD   Munster Records:MRCD 254   Yellow Glass Perspections   2.Francis
The Embrooks - Yellow Glass Perspections 2004
2006/01/30   2CD   Munster Records:MRCD273   45’s and High Times   Disc:1-20.Francis
The Embrooks - 45’s and High Times 2006
2005/   CD   Biff Bang Pow:BBP CD001   Shake [various artists]   13.Francis - The Embrooks
Shake CD 2005 back
Shake CD 2005