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[eBay] 1970 Original CONTACT SHEET Photo BADFINGER British Rock Band

1970 Original CONTACT SHEET Photo BADFINGER British Rock Band 
with (19) Previously Un-Seen Images on One Photo ! 
Ended: Dec 20, 2017 , 1:34PM 
Winning bid:US $41.00 [ 11 bids ] 
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1970 Original CONTACT SHEET Photo BADFINGER British Rock Band 
with (20) Previously Un-Seen Images on One Photo ! 
Ended: Dec 20, 2017 , 1:35PM 
Winning bid:US $32.00 [ 6 bids ] 
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1970 Original CONTACT SHEET Photo BADFINGER British Rock Band 
with (20) Previously Un-Seen Images on One Photo ! 
Ended: Dec 20, 2017 , 1:36PM 
Winning bid:US $26.00 [ 8 bids ] 
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1970's Original Photo BADFINGER British Rock Band HAM, GIBBINS, EVANS & MOLLAND 
Pete Ham, Mike Gibbins, Tom Evans and Joey Molland 
Ended: Dec 13, 2017 , 3:04PM 
Winning bid:US $17.50 [ 7 bids ] 
1970's Original Photo BADFINGER British Rock Band TOM EVANS Tragic Rock Star 
Ended: Dec 13, 2017 , 3:05PM 
Winning bid:US $2.24 [ 2 bids ] 
1970's Original Photo BADFINGER British Rock Band MIKE GIBBINS Portrait 
Ended: Dec 13, 2017 , 3:06PM 
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[eBay] Badfinger Reel to Reel Tape of Last Album Head First

[eBay][eBay][eBay] Badfinger Reel to Reel Tape of Last Album Head First 
Badfinger Demo Reel to Reel Tape Head First
Badfinger Demo Reel to Reel Tape Head First t

Badfinger Demo Reel to Reel Tape of Last Album "Head First"  Extremely Rare 
Very, very rare copy of Badfinger's last album “Head First” on a reel to reel half-track demo tape given to management and band members only in 1975, recorded at 3 Savile Row Apple Studio in December 1974, in London, England.  I do not own copyrights and it should not be bootlegged. 

It was mixed at the Record Plant in California by Kiss producers Kerner and Wise, and only a handful of copies were made.  I have never seen another one, much less one for sale. 

The tape was given to me in late June, 1977. I was already in England for a family reunion, and traveled to Swansea to search out them out, they were one of my favorite groups.  I got to meet Pete Ham’s brother, John, who introduced me to Mike Gibbins, and we got together several times at his flat and other places in Swansea. 

This tape has nine songs on it, and though Mike wrote down ten titles on the cover, one of his own songs is missing from the lineup. It is a Sony brand tape, or at least the reel says so, in a Record Plant box, and contains one of several mixes of their last album, “Head First.”  Joining Pete Ham, Tom Evans, and Mike Gibbins to make this recording was English musician and songwriter, Bob Jackson, who had just replaced Joey Molland, and contributed songs for the recording session.  It was rush-recorded from December 1-14, in 1974.

Mike said he liked this mix better than some of the others he had heard, and told me to share it, because it would likely never come out, due to the legal complications. But he also joked also not to bootleg it, of course, and as instructed, I did make copies from time to time to give to Badfinger fans I ran into. 

He was right about the release being problematic, it was star-crossed with a complicated history, and it would be advisable to consult Wikipedia for the complete story.  Most of the songs did come out later at various times in various guises in limited releases, and always under a legal cloud.

The box is a bit banged up, but it has only been played a couple of times. I wrote A.I.R. on the box for some reason, because Mike Gibbins mentioned A.I.R Studio when he gave it to me, that is the famous London studio owned by George Martin at the time.  But it was not recorded there or mixed there, according to research, and I don’t know why I put it on the box.

The masters were sent out to the San Francisco location of Record Plant to be mixed down. But then Warner Brothers rejected the album because there were missing funds, due to fraud by Badfinger manager, Stan Polley.  To add insult to injury, the master tapes were lost over time. 

Rolling Stone magazine called it one of the greatest lost rock masterpieces of all time, and the evidence is in the extraordinary and haunting music, excellent songwriting, and harmonies unequaled in music history.  

 [お便りコーナー 4] スウォンジー、1977年6月 

[eBay] Badfinger - Baby Blue 1 Side 12" Picture Disc Test Sampler

Badfinger - Baby Blue 1 Side 12" Picture Disc Test Sampler 
A. Badfinger - Baby Blue (Album Version) 
Badfinger - Baby Blue 12'' Picture Disc
Private Press? 正体不明 
Price:US $349.99


[eBay] Loretta Lynn Band Eagle Tour Bus
it’s also believed to have been used by the band Badfinger

Starting bid:US $25,000.00
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This tour bus has a rich musical heritage! 

Previously owned by Loretta Lynn's guitarist, Perley Curtis.

This bus also toured with the band Badfinger - (Hit songs include: "Come and Get It" and "Day after day" and many more...)

Was the tour bus for Country Music Hall of Fame singer Faron Young. 

Was originally the tour bus for Grammy Award-winner fiddler Vassar Clements - who was featured with the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, the Grateful Dead, Jimmie Buffett and many, many more. 

It was also the bus featured on Sugarland's first music video (though the interior has been updated)! 

This information verified by VIN records. Email me for more info! 

Type: Bus Conversion 
Make: Eagle Coach 
Model: M05 Year: 1977 
Length: 40 
Mileage: 200000 
Engine: 8V871 
Fuel: Diesel 
Generator: Kobota

This is a well maintained music tour bus. Sleeps 8 or more, has a bathroom, 2 flat screen tv's, music system, 2 dvd players, microwave, surround speakers, 6 bunks, 1 private bedroom, new air brake system, new alternator, 140 gallon diesel tanks, 5 speed transmission, air horns, reverse lights, less than 1,000 miles on brand new tires a couple are retreads in rear, 2 brand new batteries, refrigerator, 2 very large apartment style air conditioners (NOT the roof top style that leak) and they can freeze you out if you want! Also has floor access panels to get to the top of the motor from inside the bus if ever needed.

The generator is diesel, it feeds off the main tanks, 2 air conditioners: one is located between the Lounge and the bunks (all bunks get a feed from the a/c and can be controlled by the sleeper, the other is behind and in between the bunks and the master bedroom.

It has a working bathroom. No shower but one can easily be installed as there is a vacant closet that was designed to accommodate a shower.

Detroit diesel engine 8V71 - strong - will do 78-80 mph down the highway if needed for passing. The bus comes with a new 14kwatt generator that is awesome!! All brand new tires, show off polished aluminum wheels. Steers great, rides down the road excellent. As all buses do it puffs some smoke until warm, then nothing at all.

Has 6 large bays that go all the way through under the bus. Has electric primer if ever needed, 2 easy access fuel filters, 110 volt outlets throughout the bus.

This is a '77 in excellent condition for it's years, but it is still a '77! However, these buses have been known to last for well over a million miles and many from as early as the 1950's are still on the road today. This bus can be driven anywhere in the U.S. without worries. Mileage is unknown due to a rebuilt motor. There are no mileage logs because this was a privately owned bus never commercial transit - titled as private/passenger vehicle. Though I do have meticulous records of how this bus was restored and maintained by the previous owner (lots of documentation)!

There are a few minor cosmetic fixes on the interior (wood trim) and a little bit of rust on a few place on the exterior but overall it's still a great looking/running tour bus. It would be very comfortable for whatever your purpose!


[eBay] 1972 Badfinger AUTOGRAPHED album book page

1972 RARE Badfinger SIGNED/AUTOGRAPHED album book page - Tom Evans/Pete Ham/more
February 1972

SUPER RARE autographs of Badfinger, obtained in person in Los Angeles in 1972. Group included Tom Evans (deceased 1983), Pete Ham (deceased 1975), Mike Gibbins (deceased 2005), and Joey Molland, who will be celebrating his 70th birthday this month.

The group played a series of concerts at the Whiskey-A-Go-Go, and many record people were there, including my uncle's station, who was playing "Day After Day' in heavy rotation at the time. He said the band was ready for a huge breakout, and destined for greatness. Unfortunately, their demons took the best of them, as two of the bandmates took their own lives within the next decade.

"Baby Blue" was a favorite of mine that they sang, and these beautiful autographs, signed in ballpoint pen, are on a baby blue page. Quite simply, your friends will cr*p themselves when they see these. Photos not included in auction, just the autographs themselves (sorry!). My daughter is heading off to college, and need to pay some university expenses, and reluctantly letting this treasure go.

This is from our private collection, personally received by family, no COA (please don't ask) - have had this in our collection for MANY decades, and as this is a personal item, there are NO returns - those in the know will realize the true value, and you'll be very happy with your new items. Please only bid if you are a serious bidder - your bid is binding, and I want to make sure this goes to a wonderful home, with a responsible bidder - I'll make sure I start the bidding at a reasonable amount, as I know everyone is looking for a great value. And, absolutely, I will make sure it is WELL packaged, hence the shipping charge. Best of luck!


[Auction] Hollies Australia New Zealand 1971 Tour Program

Hollies Australia New Zealand (January and February 1971) Tour Program
Hollies Australia tour January and February 1971
also features an ad for the forthcoming Michael Nesmith/Badfinger tour 
って書いてある。 この年、Kinks との  Australia tour も May/June に計画されていたけど、それ以前に別の計画があって、それが中止されて Kinks とのツアーに変更 (結局それも不参加)ってことなのか? 1971年なのに1968年と書いている売り手なので、単に Kinks を Michael Nesmith と書き間違えた? 
この Hollies のツアーも Kinks のツアーも、tour promoter は同一の John Keefe, David Drew & Paul Dainty です。 

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