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[Auction] Badfinger The Dark One Sided Acetate

[Auction] Badfinger The Dark One Sided Uk Apple Records Publishing Acetate 
Banfinger The Dark

Badfinger spelt Banfinger on the uk Apple Records label for the song the Dark in excellent condition 


[RR Auction] Badfinger Group of (4) Signed Checks (#775,776,840,843)

RR Auction
Lot 5162 - Badfinger Group of (4) Signed Checks (check#775,776,840,843) 
ESTIMATE: $400-$600 
STARTING BID: $200.00 
end: Mar 16, 2018 8:00 AM JST 
Lot 5162 RR Auction

Group of four scarce Badfinger Enterprises business checks, 8.25 x 3, made payable to members of the group for $1000 and $1500, each signed on the front by manager Stan Polley, dated March-June 1974. All are endorsed on the reverse by the recipient, with signers including: Pete Ham, Mike Gibbins, Tom Evans, and Joey Molland. In overall fine condition, with cancellation stamps slightly affecting the signatures. A great grouping from the classic Badfinger lineup.
同種の Badfinger Enterprises, Inc. の Signed Checks は時々オークションに出てきて、
 [autograph] Badfinger Enterprises, Inc. Signed Checks (#642,652,690,691,692) 
 [RR Auction] Badfinger Set of (5) Signed Checks (#490,726,822,823,860) 
今回のものは 2018年5月にもeBayから出品  
 [eBay] (4) Badfinger Signed Checks (#775,776,840,843) 

[RR Auction] Badfinger: Stan Polley Signed Document (Sep 29, 1972)

RR Auction 
Lot 5161 - Badfinger: Stan Polley Signed Document  (September 29, 1972) 
ESTIMATE: $400-$600 
STARTING BID: $200.00 
end: Mar 16, 2018 8:00 AM JST 
Lot 5161 RR Auction

Important DS, signed "Stanley Polley, President," one page, 8.5 x 11, September 29, 1972. Agreement between Warner Bros. Records and Badfinger Enterprises, in part: "Concurrently herewith we are delivering to you signed documents covering the phonograph recording services of that certain group performing together as 'Badfinger,' together with our check for $500,000 payable to you. Said check is to be held by you until such time as the enclosed documents have been signed on behalf of Badfinger be used by you to purchase Certificates of Deposit in such bank as you may select in the joint names of you and us with the proceeds thereof to be paid over to you, which said Certificates of Deposit are to be held in escrow." Signed at the conclusion by Badfinger manager Stan Polley and countersigned by Warner Bros. executive Joe Smith. In fine condition. This significant document relates to the advance funds that Polley ultimately hid, which caused Warner Bros. to sue Badfinger in 1974 and withdraw their recently released Wish You Were Here from record stores. The legal problems left Badfinger penniless, and led to lead singer Pete Ham's suicide in 1975.


Badfinger hand-signed (January 20, 1973)

Badfinger hand-signed/autographed x4 paper;Pete Ham,Joey Molland,Tom Evans,Mike
Badfinger hand-signed (January 20, 1973, Convocation Center, Ohio University, Athens, Ohio) 
Badfinger hand-signed January 1973 Athens Ohio
Ended: Feb 02, 2018 , 3:33:47PM PST 
Winning bid:US $177.50 [ 14 bids ] 


[常連] Badfinger Enterprises, Inc. Documents (January 2, 1971)
Price:US $499.99 
 [常連] Badfinger Enterprises, Inc. Documents (January 2, 1971)
Price:US $599.99 
Ended: Apr 26, 2017 , 7:11AM 

[常連] Badfinger Autographs Signed Phonograph Record Magazine Cover
Phonograph Record Magazine May 1972 signed

Price:US $599.99 

 [常連] Badfinger Autographs Signed Phonograph Record Magazine Cover 
Price:US $1,099.99 売れず 
その後値下げ $999.99 売れず 
再度値下げ $899.99 売れず 
また値下げ $749.99 売れず 
2017年3月 $599.99 売れず 
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