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バッドフィンガー Badfinger の周辺をいろいろと... Badfinger の曲をカバーした人とか、ちょっと関わった人とか 外周を遠回りに巡ってます


Badfinger hand-signed (January 20, 1973)

Badfinger hand-signed/autographed x4 paper;Pete Ham,Joey Molland,Tom Evans,Mike
Badfinger hand-signed (January 20, 1973, Convocation Center, Ohio University, Athens, Ohio) 
Badfinger hand-signed January 1973 Athens Ohio
Ended: Feb 02, 2018 , 3:33:47PM PST 
Winning bid:US $177.50 [ 14 bids ] 


[常連] Badfinger Enterprises, Inc. Documents (January 2, 1971)
Price:US $499.99 
 [常連] Badfinger Enterprises, Inc. Documents (January 2, 1971)
Price:US $599.99 
Ended: Apr 26, 2017 , 7:11AM 

[常連] Badfinger Autographs Signed Phonograph Record Magazine Cover
Phonograph Record Magazine May 1972 signed

Price:US $599.99 

 [常連] Badfinger Autographs Signed Phonograph Record Magazine Cover 
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また値下げ $749.99 売れず 
2017年3月 $599.99 売れず 

[eBay] 1972 Badfinger AUTOGRAPHED album book page

1972 RARE Badfinger SIGNED/AUTOGRAPHED album book page - Tom Evans/Pete Ham/more
February 1972

SUPER RARE autographs of Badfinger, obtained in person in Los Angeles in 1972. Group included Tom Evans (deceased 1983), Pete Ham (deceased 1975), Mike Gibbins (deceased 2005), and Joey Molland, who will be celebrating his 70th birthday this month.

The group played a series of concerts at the Whiskey-A-Go-Go, and many record people were there, including my uncle's station, who was playing "Day After Day' in heavy rotation at the time. He said the band was ready for a huge breakout, and destined for greatness. Unfortunately, their demons took the best of them, as two of the bandmates took their own lives within the next decade.

"Baby Blue" was a favorite of mine that they sang, and these beautiful autographs, signed in ballpoint pen, are on a baby blue page. Quite simply, your friends will cr*p themselves when they see these. Photos not included in auction, just the autographs themselves (sorry!). My daughter is heading off to college, and need to pay some university expenses, and reluctantly letting this treasure go.

This is from our private collection, personally received by family, no COA (please don't ask) - have had this in our collection for MANY decades, and as this is a personal item, there are NO returns - those in the know will realize the true value, and you'll be very happy with your new items. Please only bid if you are a serious bidder - your bid is binding, and I want to make sure this goes to a wonderful home, with a responsible bidder - I'll make sure I start the bidding at a reasonable amount, as I know everyone is looking for a great value. And, absolutely, I will make sure it is WELL packaged, hence the shipping charge. Best of luck!


[常連] Badfinger Enterprises, Inc. Documents (January 2, 1971)

Badfinger Beatles Autographs Signed DCS Contracts PSA/DNA Full COA
Set of three matching DSs, signed individually by “Joey Molland,” “Thomas Evans,” and “Mike Gibbins,” each five pages, 8.5 x 11, January 2, 1971. Contracts between each band member and Badfinger Enterprises, Inc. exchanging “counsel and services to the Corporation” for the purchase of “nineteen (19) shares of…common stock at a price of ($1.00) Dollar per share.” Individually signed at the conclusion by each musician and countersigned by the vice-president of Badfinger Enterprises, Inc. In overall fine condition, with expected document wear. FULL PSA/DNA COAS 
Price:US $599.99 
Ended: Apr 26, 2017 , 7:11AM 
Sep 14, 2016 RR Auction の転売か? 
[RR Auction] Badfinger Enterprises, Inc. Documents (January 2, 1971) 
Auction Date:2016 Sep 14 @ 18:00 (UTC-5 : EST/CDT)
Estimate: $300.00 - $500.00 
Sold Price: $437.33 
April 15, 2015 RR Auction にも出品されていた 
[RR Auction] Badfinger (Tom, Joey, Mike) January 2, 1971 

[常連] Badfinger Autographs Signed Phonograph Record Magazine Cover 
Badfinger Beatles Autographs Signed Record Magazine Cover PSA/DNA Full COA
Front cover for a copy of Phonograph Record magazine from May 1972, 8.75 x 10.75, showing the band with the headline, “Badfinger, At the Crossroads,” signed in felt tip by Pete Ham, Joey Molland, Tom Evans, and Mike Gibbins.  In fine condition. PSA/DNA COA. 
Price:US $599.99 Approximately JPY 66,253
[常連] Badfinger Autographs Signed Concert Flyer 
Badfinger Beatles Autographs Signed Concert Flyer / Poster with PSA/DNA Full COA
Concert flyer for a Badfinger performance at the Gonzaga gym, 8.5 x 11, listing Bugsy and Tinseltown as supporting acts, signed and inscribed in black ballpoint by Pete Ham, Joey Molland, Tom Evans, and Mike Gibbins. In fine condition.  A Full PSA/DNA COA is included with this historic piece of music memorabilia. 
Price:US $699.99 Approximately JPY 77,296

[RR Auction] The Iveys Signed Photograph (Feb 09 - 16, 2017)

Auction opens Feb 09, 2017 & ends Feb 16, 2017
#7228 - Badfinger: The Iveys Signed Photograph 
#616 - Badfinger The Iveys
Description                           Estimate: $800+          
Vintage circa 1968 glossy 10 x 8 Apple Records publicity photo of The Iveys, signed and inscribed in black felt tip, "To Kathy, much love, Ron [Griffiths], xxxxx," "Love, Pete [Ham], xxx," "Love, Mike [Gibbins], x," and "To Kathy, Love, Tom [Evans], xx," who draws an arrow to his image. In very good condition.
Signing with Apple in July of 1968, The Iveys changed their name to Badfinger just sixteen months later, making signed Iveys publicity photos especially scarce. 
以前出品されたとき(Auction Closes Sep 14, 2016)は売れなかったが、その時の Estimated:200.00 - 400.00 USD よりかなり高く設定されている
[RR Auction] Apple Records publicity photo of The Iveys, signed 

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