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バッドフィンガー Badfinger の周辺をいろいろと... Badfinger の曲をカバーした人とか、ちょっと関わった人とか 外周を遠回りに巡ってます


Badfinger glossy photograph signed by the band members (1974)

Signed vintage glossy photograph, shows the rock band `Badfinger` in a beautiful group picture, 10 x 8 inch, (1974), signed by the band members Tom Evans, Mike Gibbins, Joey Molland, and Pete Ham in dark ballpoint ink, with very mild foxing to the upper left corner - in nearly very fine condition. With an affixed writing (provenance) of the collector verso. 
Badfinger 1974 signed by the band members


[RR Auction] Badfinger / Chemical Bank Demand Loan Disclosure Statement (1972)

Estimated At:400.00 - 600.00 USD 
Auction Date:2019 Jun 12 @ 18:00 (UTC-5 : EST/CDT) 
Group of three DSs, individually signed "Peter Ham," "Thomas Evans," and "Joseph Molland," each one page, 8.5 x 11, dated May–July 1972. Three Chemical Bank loan statement documents for Badfinger band members Pete Ham, Tom Evans, and Joey Molland, signed at the conclusion in ink by the respective individual. In overall fine condition. 
Chemical Bank Pete a
Chemical Bank Pete b

Chemical Bank Tom a
Chemical Bank Tom b

Chemical Bank Joey a
Chemical Bank Joey b


[eBay] 1972 Badfinger signed/autographed album book page 2

RARE 1972 Badfinger signed/autographed album book page - Tom Evans / Pete Ham +2 
Starting Price US $199.99 Apr 28, 2019 8:55PM PDT 
Ended: May 5, 2019 , 8:55PM PDT 
Sold for:US $761.00 [ 28 bids ] 
1972 Badfinger signed autographed album book page 2

SUPER RARE autographs of Badfinger, obtained in person, signed in green Bic, in Los Angeles in 1972. Group included Tom Evans (deceased 1983), Pete Ham (deceased 1975), Mike Gibbins (deceased 2005), and Joey Molland.

The group played a series of concerts at the Whiskey-A-Go-Go, and many record people were there, including my uncle's station, who was playing "Day After Day' in heavy rotation at the time at KRUX. He said the band was ready for a huge breakout, and destined for greatness. It wasn't to be - tragedy would strike within a few years, and although many though Tom and Pete were the next John and Paul, they would soon both be gone. 

Our daughter is heading off to college, and as we're getting ready to pay for a few university expenses, we're reluctantly letting this treasure go.

This is from our private collection, personally received by family - Please only bid if you are a serious bidder - your bid is binding, and I want to make sure this goes to a wonderful home, with a responsible bidder - I'll make sure I start the bidding at a reasonable amount, as I know everyone is looking for a great value. And, absolutely, I will make sure it is WELL packaged, hence the shipping charge. Best of luck!
 [eBay] 1972 Badfinger AUTOGRAPHED album book page 1 
February 1972
Starting Price US $299.99 Jun 7, 2017 2:20PM PDT 
Buy It Now US $399.99 
Ended: Jun 12, 2017 , 10:42AM PDT 
Sold for:US $399.99 

Badfinger Joey Molland Concert Contract (1993)

Joey Molland Autograph on 1993 Contract 
Joey Molland Autograph on 1993 Contract
This is a one-page original contract dated March 4, 1993. Joey Molland and Badfinger agree to a one-day performance in Salinas, Kansas for the amount of $3,000. Molland has signed in blue ballpoint pen ink. This is an original, hand-signed autograph.  
Starting bid:US $18.95 [ 0 bids ] 
Price:US $49.95 Buy It Now - 
 Badfinger Joey Molland Florida Concert Contract (1993/1994) 

[eBay] BADFINGER Signed by All Four Members

Starting bid: US $99.99 
Ended: Feb 17, 2019 
Winning bid:US $438.56 [ 27 bids ] 
mcm ptmj
NOTE:            I am selling this for the rare signatures of all four members of Badfinger, two dedicated to Margaret ~ Pete and Tom and two offered with love Mike and Joey ~ 

mcm pete
mcm tom2
mcm tom
mcm mike
mcm joey


[eBay] Pete Ham Autograph (March 31, 1972)

Rare - Authentic Autograph from 1972: Pete Ham of Badfinger 
Time Ended: Jan 15, 2019 at 17:47:29 PST 
Starting bid: US $450.00 
[ 0 bids ] 
New Orleans (March 31, 1972) Pete Ham autograph

On March 31, 1972 I was 13 years old and my younger brother Ami was 11. The  Badfinger concert at the Municipal Auditorium in New Orleans was only the second  concert I had ever been to and the ticket was $5. King Crimson opened, and then  Badfinger! My brother and I were about three rows from the front and after the  concert we caught up with the band as they returned to the dressing room. Pete  Ham stopped and we took pictures and got his autograph. Below is the picture of  Pete with my little brother. 
New Orleans (March 31, 1972) Ami with Pete Ham
Afterward I had my picture taken with him. "I got a  girl!" Pete joked, but I was  shy and awkward which seemed to make Pete  feel awkward as well - at least, it appeared that way in the picture. I lost the  picture, just like I lost the autographs of Joey, Mike and Tom. After taking the  picture with Pete the band went on to the dressing room and...we followed them!  We went right into the dressing room with the band and no one stopped us! That  is where the second picture, with my brother and Tom Evans, was taken.
New Orleans (March 31, 1972) Ami with Tom Evans & Mike Gibbins
I took  both pictures with my 126 film camera. We stayed with the band until they left,  with no one questioning who we were or why we were in the dressing room. As they  started to walk away, I took off the "peace pendant" from around my neck and  gave it to Joey Molland. He said, "That deserves a kiss," and he kissed me on  the cheek - my very first kiss!
One may wonder why I would want to part  with Pete Ham's autograph. It still makes me emotional, and I look upon it with  a feeling of both love and sadness. I probably don't need to explain that to  Badfinger fans. Right now I am thinking of the future. I know that when I'm  gone, this autograph would mean nothing to my children. Yet it is precious and  should be preserved.
This may not sell because the  price is high.  In that case, I'll just hold on to it for another 5 or 10 years. I apologize for  the price, but  it is just too valuable for me to sell at a low  price. It is something personal - not like today's autographs that celebrities sometimes charge for. When Pete signed "love" I think it was a genuine feeling of love for all of his fans, meaning those of us who supported and loved him and Badfinger.
The autograph is on a torn piece of lined notepaper and is in  fine-point black ballpoint ink. It just says "Love, Pete Ham." There are some  signs of wear on the paper from the years, but the autograph is nice and clear. 
Thank you for looking XO 
Pete Ham 1972

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