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バッドフィンガー Badfinger の周辺をいろいろと... Badfinger の曲をカバーした人とか、ちょっと関わった人とか 外周を遠回りに巡ってます


Rat Soup - Bad Finger (Live2011/2012)

Rat Soup - Bad Finger (June 24, 2011)

2012/07/13   Milford Street Records:     For the Record     1. Bad Finger
Rat Soup - For the Record

Shane Baird - Tenor & Alto Saxophone

J.B. Vasquez  - Trombone, Baritone & Tenor Saxophone

Tim Wickham - Trumpet and Vocals

Jamie Flores - Bass Guitar

Aaron Gitnick - Guitar

Justin - Keyboards

Damion Meadows - Drums and Vocals



Ringo Starr / Bad Finger (2005)

Ringo Starr / Bad Finger 
62 x 77 cm 
Limited Edition 100 
Ringo Starr - Bad Finger (2005)
Ringo Starr 2005 Artwork 
Unframed. Limited to 100 numbered copies worldwide. Hand signed by Ringo. This giclee was published in 2005 and 100% of Ringo's proceeds are donated to the Lotus Foundation. Size: 23" x 29". 
This limited edition was created by Ringo Starr on his computer. While on tour, Ringo spends his time creating these fun drawings on his laptop. 
I got the computer out and found this program, a painting program, and that's how it started. I started actually just doing sort of design, you know, and then I did the first set with the mouse. It's very hard to draw with the mouse. - Ringo Starr 
Bad Finger with Joey & WMGK personality Andre Gardner (2010) 
Joey WMGK personality Andre Gardner 2010


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