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Badfinger, Rick Wakeman - Come & Get It (September 2020, Cleopatra)

Badfinger, Rick Wakeman - Come & Get It (September 2020, Cleopatra) 
2020/09/21   Cleopatra Records:     Come & Get It 

Badfinger, Rick Wakeman
Classic Rock Legends BADFINGER Team Up With The King Of Keyboards RICK WAKEMAN For A Very Special Rendition Of The Paul McCartney-Penned Hit “COME & GET IT!”
    by glassonyonpr 

Los Angeles, CA – Joey Molland’s Badfinger has been experiencing quite the career revival recently with artists ranging from indie rock icon Matthew Sweet to Jethro Tull’s Ian Anderson participating in exciting new versions of Badfinger’s extensive catalog of hits. And now comes one of the biggest hits Molland & company ever recorded – the Paul McCartney-penned pop classic “Come & Get It” reinvented here with a superb contribution from famed piano/keyboard player Rick Wakeman! With Wakeman’s special touch, this tune takes on a whole new life with added melody and bounce, and although Badfinger guitarist/bassist Tom Evans originally sang lead on the 1969 version, Molland ably takes over vocal duties. 
The new version of the song, which is available now as a digital single and via streaming services, is built around archival vocals that founding Badfinger member Joey Molland recorded in the early 1990s. 
The Best of Badfinger 1994 featuring Joey Molland - Come and Get It (1994) 

 Badfinger, The Buckinghams feat. Carl Giammarese - I Don't Mind (August 2020, Cleopatra) 

 Badfinger, Ian Anderson, Terry Reid, Manchester String Quartet - Day After Day (July 2020, Cleopatra) 
 Badfinger, Matthew Sweet - Baby Blue (May 2020, Cleopatra) 
 The Best of Badfinger 1994 featuring Joey Molland 

[Volcano Vinyl #287] Badfinger / Straight Up (September 11, 2020)

Volcano Vinyl: 
An informal show where two friends/musicians spin a vinyl record and have a discussion while it's playing.  
#287  Badfinger / Straight Up (September 11, 2020) 
Brian and Brian listen to Badfinger 

Volcano Vinyl is a weekly podcast hosted by old friends and musicians Brian Schmutz (The Starting Line, Person L, Legendary Divorce) & Brian Medlin (The Minor Times, Person L, Wives, Legendary Divorce, etc...). Listen along in real time with Brian and Brian as they explore a full length vinyl record while crowding around an active Volcano. Recorded in Potato's House on Baloney Avenue in Philadelphia, PA. 
Volcano Vinyl


[Magazine] Guitar World (November 2020)

[Magazine] Guitar World (November 2020) 
Guitar World November 2020 cover
Guitar World November 2020 contents
Guitar World #531 (November 2020) Sampler 


Guitar World November 2020 p72
Guitar World November 2020 p73
Guitar World November 2020 p74


It's Only Rock And Roll / Ep. 16 - Joey Molland (September 13, 2020)

On this episode of the “It's Only Rock And Roll PODCAST”, the last surviving member of Badfinger, singer/guitarist JOEY MOLLAND, recounts his early years as a budding musician in Liverpool, to being in the first band signed to Apple Records, handpicked by The Beatles themselves. Additionally he details the tragic side of rock & roll, with the band losing their fortune to unscrupulous businessmen, inevitably driving two members to suicide. 
This week's co-host, former 94 WHJY disc jockey and host of “The Rock & Roll Roll Root Cellar” Jim Van, joins Don DiMuccio for a lively discussion of terrestrial rock radio, and Jim's recollections of concerts attended like The Stones, Led Zeppelin and Woodstock. 

00:00-19:00 Jim Van, joins Don DiMuccio 
 1. Come and Get It 
21:50-35:30 Joey Molland 
 2. No Matter What 
37:00-39:00 Joey Molland 
 3. Without You 
40:00-44:20 Joey Molland 
 4. Day After Day 
47:30-55:00 Joey Molland 
 5. Baby Blue 
57:35-65:15 Joey Molland 
 6. Rainy Day Man 
68:30-77:00 Jim Van, joins Don DiMuccio 
 7. I Can't Take It 
Joey Molland producing Money


[BBC Radio 2] The Rock Show with Johnnie Walker - James Dean Bradfield picks his Rock God (Sep 12, 2020)

The Rock Show with Johnnie Walker 
(Released On: 12 Sep 2020 3am - 4am BBC Radio 2 / Available for 29 days) 

46:45-51:15 James Dean Bradfield picks his Rock God
and Johnnie revisits a defining rock album from the 80s for This Week In Rock. Plus, there's a haul of rock anthems, buried treasure and brand new rock releases to wrap your ears around. 

Rock Show with Johnnie Walker - James Dean Bradfield (Sep 2020)


[digital download] Badfinger - Queen of Darkness

Warner Music Group - X5 Music Group 
Badfinger - Queen of Darkness 

[various artists]  British 70s Underground Rock   [22 songs] 
2020/09/04   X5 Music Group:     6. Queen of Darkness - Badfinger 
Queen of Darkness British 70s Underground Rock
 [digital download] Badfinger - Shine On / I Miss You / Andy Norris / Love is Easy 

 [digital download] Badfinger - Meanwhile Back at the Ranch/Should I Smoke / Love Time / Just a Chance 

 [digital download] Badfinger - Sail Away / Lost Inside Your Love / Come Down Hard 

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