Badfinger tribute at Momo's in Austin (December 3, 2011) 
Steve Carter 
Jeffrey Tveraas 
Patterson Barrett 
Leeann Atherton 
Courtney Audain 
Julieann Banks 
Richard White 
Ben Cocke 
Tessalin Green 

Band Introductions 

Sweet Tuesday Morning 


Baby Blue 

Know One Knows 

Better Days 

Come and Get It 

Believe Me 

Midnight Caller 

Day After Day 

Love Me Do 

Carry On Till Tomorrow 

Story about Badfinger 

Maybe Tomorrow 

No Matter What 

Without You 

Walk Out in the Rain 

 Badfinger tribute at Momo's in Austin (April 9, 2011) 
 Badfinger, (The Most Tragic Band in Rock History)….and How Pete Ham Got Me Started On My Way