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バッドフィンガー Badfinger の周辺をいろいろと... Badfinger の曲をカバーした人とか、ちょっと関わった人とか 外周を遠回りに巡ってます


[EP/Thailand] KS-224 Blind Owl

EP   Cash Box: KS-224 (1974 Thailand) 
Thailand EP CashBox KS-224 Blind Owl
ThailThailand EP CashBox KS-224 Blind Owl back
1. Ian Thomas - Painted Ladies 

2. Brownsville Station - Barefootin' 

3. The Spencer Davis Group - Livin' in a Back Street 

4. Badfinger - Blind Owl 

Thailand EP CashBox KS-224 Blind Owl r2


[Magazine] Cash Box (July 4, 1970)

Cash Box 1970 Disc Jockey Poll 
Most Promising Vocal Groups 
13 Badfinger 
Cash Box 1970-07-04
Apple Records May 1969 - May 1970 (pages 23-40) 
Apple p31 Badfinger
Apple p23+
Apple p24+25
Apple p26+27
Apple p28+29
Apple p30+31
Apple p32+33
Apple p34+35
Apple p36+37
Apple p38+39
Apple p40+
 [Magazine] Billboard Buyer's Guide 1970-71 (Sep 12, 1970) 


[Magazine] Cash Box (March 27, 1993)

Cash Box (March 27, 1993) 
... and a projected Badfinger boxed set, put together by Matovina, who was allowed to dig through Apple Records' files for rare photos. "We got permission from the estates of the two Badfinger members who committed suicide to use stuff no one's ever heard," muses Petterson. Matovina is also writing a book on Beatles' proteges which will be included in the set. 
Cash Box 1993-03-27
Without You: The Tragic Story Of Badfinger (first published in 1997) 
Cash Box 1992-12-19


[Magazine] Cash Box (July 8, 1989)

Cash Box (July 8, 1989) 
Shock of the New   by Joe Williams 
Cash Box 1989-07-08


[Hit Chart] Susie Allanson - Without You (1979)

Susie Allanson - Without You (1979) 

1979/07   7"   Elektra/Curb:E-46503     Without You b/w Heart to Heart 
Susie Allanson E-46503
Cash Box (July 14, 1979) 
Cash Box (1979-07-14)
Cash Box (July 28, 1979) 
Cash Box (1979-07-28)
Billboard (July 28, 1979) 
Billboard (1979-07-28)
Cash Box誌
1979/08/18   89位 Without You 初登場 
1979/08/25   83位 Without You 
1979/09/01   83位 Without You 
1979/09/08   97位 Without You 
Susie Allanson / Without You   LP [A follow up album for Elektra Records titled Without You was completed and slated for a later 1979 release, but was never issued] 
 Susie Allanson - Without You (1977/1979) 

[Hit Chart] Heart - Without You (1978)

Heart / Magazine (1977 / 1978) 
Heart's second LP emerged in a storm of controversy; in fact, a half-finished, rough version of the album was initially released by Mushroom Records in 1977 without the band's consent after their relationship with the label soured. 
Cash Box (March 5, 1977) 
Cash Box (1977-03-05)
Cash Box (March 12, 1977) 
Cash Box (1977-03-12)
Cash Box (August 27, 1977) 
Cash Box (1977-08-27)
Cash Box (September 10, 1977) 
Cash Box (1977-09-10)
Cash Box (September 3, 1977) 
Cash Box (1977-09-03)
Cash Box (April 8, 1978) 
Cash Box (1978-04-08)
The re-recorded vocals for “Without You” have the chorus sung differently, removing the harsh emphasis on the low notes that was clearly an attempt to imitate Nilsson's version of the song. 

Heart -Without You

Record World誌 
1978/08/12   100位 Without You 初登場 
1978/08/19   97位 Without You 
1978/08/26   94位 Without You 
1978/09/02   91位 Without You 

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