Gary Walker & the Rain の bass だった John Lawson についてちょっと検索してみた。

Buddy Britten & The Regents (1964)
   1964年の夏から秋にここで bass を弾いていたらしい。この時一緒にいた Carlo Little (d) とは後に再び一緒になる。
   Buddy Britten & The Regents were a Merseybeat group. Like Screaming Lord Sutch's Savages his groups were a real breeding ground for many great young musicians. From 1962 to 1966, Buddy and his various backing bands released ten singles but none of them made a mark in Britain.
Chris Lamb & The Universals (1965-66)
   Chris Lamb & The Universals were a 7-piece Showband fronted by trumpeter Chris Lamb, playing US bases and Irish clubs around Kilburn from 1963 to 1968.
   Bill Parkinson: "After I left P.J.Proby I auditioned with 30 other guitarists and got the with job with top Irish show band Chris Lamb and The Universals, this was a very good tight band with excellent musicians, On drums was Carlo Little, ex Rolling Stones, on vocals and Trombone was Brian Keith lead singer with Plastic Penny, on keyboards was Paul Raymond who played with many bands and on Bass, John Lawson. The sax player was Mort Sullivan, the leader Chris Lamb played trumpet, We played everything from the top 20 to themes like Laurence of Arabia and Tijuana Brass, and of course an array of Irish music."
Screaming Lord Sutch & The Savages (1966)
   1966年後半は The Universals がそのまま Screaming Lord Sutch のbacking band、The Savages としても掛け持ちで活動。 更にその合間を縫って The Circles 名義でシングルを発売。
The Circles 1966 r1
The Circles   Brian Keith (v), Bill Parkinson (g), Carlo Little (d), John Lawson (b), Paul Raymond (p)
1966/   7”   Island:WI-279   Take Your Time b/w Don't You Love Me No More [Produced by Chris Blackwell]

Bill Parkinson:
   I played the guitar and sang the backing vocals on this record. Brian Keith was the singer, he was the singer with the Ivy League and the Flower Pot Men. I wrote B side "Don't you love me no more" with Brian which I prefer (but then I would!). Carlo Little (who was the original Stones drummer) was on drums,  John Lawson on Bass and Paul Raymond of Chicken Shack on piano.  We were all originally with Screaming Lord Sutch  - those were the days!!
The Circles 1966 r2
2008/08/04   CD   Psychic Circle:PCCD 7023   Breaking Point (20 Hard Edged Beat Diamonds) [various artists]   11.Take Your Time - The Circles
Breaking Point 2008
Breaking Point 2008 back
The Savages の写真を見ていたら、なんとなく John Lawson っぽい人が写っていたんだけど、まったくの別人かも。
Gary Walker & John Lawson (2007)

Rain 解散後は Joey と一緒にバンドに加わった? 予定だった? みたいで、その後は Tumbleweed というC&Wのバンドにいたらしいが、詳細不明。 その前後に確実に在籍していたのが Lace (ほぼ同時期に同じイギリスに同名バンドがあって紛らわしい)。
Lace - I'm a Gambler (1969)

1969年4月発売のシングルで、Honeybus の Pete Dello 作詞作曲プロデュース。 
Pete Dello - I'm a Gambler
Roni Douglas (v,g),
Lloyd Courtenay (d),
Tony Sinclair (g),
John Lawson (b),
Lace 1969