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バッドフィンガー Badfinger の周辺をいろいろと... Badfinger の曲をカバーした人とか、ちょっと関わった人とか 外周を遠回りに巡ってます


Chris Finley

Chris Finley   Our dear Friend 
Tragic news today of the sudden passing of one of our great friends, CHRIS FINLEY a truly talented musician and an amazing guy. 
MastermindsFruit Eating Bears で Joey Molland と一緒にいた人。 


The Masterminds 1965 / The Fruit Eating Bears 1966

The Masterminds 1965 / The Fruit Eating Bears 1966 
In August 1965, Winnipeg quartet The Crescendos --
  Glenn MacRae,  v
  Vance Masters (then known as Schmidt),  d
  Terry Loeb,  g
  Dennis Penner,  b
-- dared to live the dream of countless young musicians across North America by pulling up stakes for the rock 'n' roll mecca of Liverpool.  The Crescendos soon began gigging on the club circuit and were quickly accepted by Liverpool musicians.
The Crescendos
Among the groups The Crescendos befriended was a young outfit called The Masterminds.
Glenn MacRae
"Back in those days, they would have several bands playing at gigs.  A band would do an hour, then pack up and move on and another band would play. We did some of those gigs with The Masterminds, and that's how we met Joey Molland. I remember Joey was enamoured with Terry's Fender guitar and our Fender amps, so he invited us over to his house for a jam the next day." 
Still in his teens, Molland was making a name for himself on the Liverpool circuit with The Masterminds. 
Glenn MacRae
"I can still picture Joey onstage back then. There was a certain way British guitar players played, more up picking than down picking, and Joey typified that style. He was a very confident player and had that ultra-Mod look. The Masterminds were definitely a cut above the rest of us." 
Joey Molland 
"Oh sure I remember the Crescendos. They were a really good band -- good vocals, as I recall. I remember the singer, Glenn, and Vance was a fantastic drummer. We used to see them at the Blue Angel club all the time. We were like the house band there and we played with The Crescendos there several times." 
Molland's brother, Gordon, even became The Crescendos' road manager.  3 September 1965, The Masterminds' lone single, a cover of Bob Dylan's She Belongs To Me, failed to break the group into the big time and they folded soon after.

Joey Molland 
"We'd done as many gigs as we could to promote it, but in the end it flopped,"  
In February 1966, Kit Lambert and Chris Stamp, managers of The Who, put the word out on the Liverpool streets that they were recruiting for a new band to back The Merseys in London. They plucked Molland and two others from The Masterminds along with Masters from The Crescendos. 
The Fruit Eating Bears 
Kit Lambert had just visited London zoo....Saw the bears eating fruit and hence the name! 
Vance Masters 
"There was all this gossip going around Liverpool that they were looking for musicians with a certain look, so Lambert approached me. I went to London with Joey and some other guys. We all lived in a hotel, all in the same room, and rehearsed, but I came back to The Crescendos after a couple of weeks. And I'm glad I did." 
On October 7th, 1966, Vance set sail for Canada. 
Cavern で演奏した唯一のカナダのバンドらしい 
Crescendos cavern wall
Liverpool 滞在中に、1枚だけ出したシングル盤の名義は The 5 AM Event  
The 5 AM Event - I Washed My Hands In (1966) 

The 5 AM Event - Hungry (1966) 

Crescendos members catchup with Badfinger rocker at city casino 


The Masterminds / In den Kellern von Liverpool (1964 German documentary)

In den Kellern von Liverpool (1964 by Werner Prym and Kurt Schraudenbach for German broadcasting company WDR [first broadcast 1965.03.14])  
In den Kellern von Liverpool (1964)
The Masterminds の母体は、50年代末の The Dingle Dices 
The Dingle Dices   late 50's  
  Dougie Meakin,  guitar  1945年生 
  John Mahoney 
  Tony Evans 
  Roy Hall,  washboard 
The Dingle Dices   -1961
  Dougie Meakin,  guitar
  Tommy Meakin,  bass
  Harry,  guitar
  Bobby Scott,  drums
The Dingle Dices   1961-
  Dougie Meakin,  guitar
  Harry,  guitar
  Bobby Scott,  drums
  George Cassidy,  bass
Clay and the Classics
  Frank (Clay) Campbell,  vocals
  Dougie Meakin,  guitar
  Harry,  guitar
  Bobby Scott,  drums
  George Cassidy,  bass
The Mindbenders 
  Dougie Meakin,  guitar
  George Cassidy,  bass
  Johnny Jay Rathbone,  drums
  Brian Slater,  guitar
Manchester の 同名バンド The Mindbenders (Wayne Fontana の backing group) が有名になってしまったので、バンド名を The Masterminds に変更。 
The Masterminds  1964 
  Dougie Meakin,  guitar
  George Cassidy,  bass
  Johnny Jay Rathbone,  drums
  Brian Slater,  guitar
このメンバーの時、German documentary の In den Kellern von Liverpool (38分) を収録。 前半はメンバー4人それぞれの日常生活風景など。George Cassidy が主人公扱い。

In the cellars of Liverpool
The Beatles are gone - the Beat has remained
Liverpool is not only home to the Beatles, but a whole Beat movement.
Why does this sound could spread just in Liverpool? He has done, what changes?
These and other questions will Schraudenbach Kurt and Werner Prym answer in their film. (03.14.1965)
George Cassidy 1964
George is a bass guitarist in Liverpool beat group Masterminds. His parents believe that these employment kept him from becoming delinquent.
最後の方に Cavern で演奏する The Escorts (featuring Terry Sylvester) も出てくる。 Joey 加入後ならなぁ とか、Tom のバンドを選んでいればなぁ とか思ってしまう。  最初と最後のクレジット場面のサンドイッチマンは Dougie Meakin の姉の夫だそうです。
初放送は撮影の翌年、1965年3月14日。 その後も1966年7月2日、1967年3月29日と再放送され、最近も数年ごとに再放送されているようです。
Brian Slater (後 Gary Walker & The Rain のroad manager として来日) と Dougie Meakin (後 イタリアで成功。日本アニメのイタリア版主題歌をたくさんやっている)   
The Masterminds - Brian Slater + George Cassidy 1964
Brian Slater と George Cassidy (後 The Fruit Eating Bears を経て The Beechwoods) 
The Masterminds - Brian Slater + George Cassidy 1964
Johnny Jay Rathbone  (後 The Almost Blues を経て、いろんなバンドを渡り歩く。 1990年代には Karl Terry and the Cruisers にいた) 
The Masterminds - Johnny Jay Rathbone 1964
Pete Clarke (The Escorts 後 Badfinger)  27分過ぎに The Escorts の演奏風景あり 
The Escorts - Pete Clarke 1964
The Masterminds 
  Dougie Meakin,  guitar
  George Cassidy,  bass
  Johnny Jay Rathbone,  drums
  Joey Molland,  guitar   前任の Brian Slater は、 Gary Walker & The Rain 来日時の road manager です。 Joey がRain時代にマイクとギターを接触させて感電した時、助けてくれたのも Slater 。 
The Masterminds  -1966
  Dougie Meakin,  guitar   The Motowns へ
  George Cassidy,  bass   The Fruit Eating Bears へ 
  Johnny Jay Rathbone,  drums   The Almost Blues へ 
  Joey Molland,  guitar   The Fruit Eating Bears へ 
  Chris Finley,  keyboards   The Fruit Eating Bears へ  2011年には一時 The Merseybeats にもいた
ここに The Masterminds の写真があります。 
The Masterminds - She Belongs To Me [Bob Dylan] 

The Masterminds - Taken My Love [Dougie Meakin - George Cassidy] 



The Fruit Eating Bears 1966-89

The Merseys by Billy Kinsley  
The Merseys + The Fruit Eating Bears
Tony Crane and I returned to Liverpool and looked for musicians to form a backing band, which is what Kit and Chris wanted us to do. They saw us as a kind of Walker Brothers or something along those lines. We arrived at the Blue Angel and the Masterminds were playing. Joey Molland, Chris Finley and George Cassidy were in the line-up. They played well, all had a good image and stage presence, so they were invited to join our backing band. They all said 'yes' straight away. A drummer we liked was Kenny Goodlass who had been in the Kirkbys and the Escorts, so he joined. Then Kit said he wanted two drummers, so we got Kenny Mundye who had filled in for Banksie when John went missing and vanished over a lost weekend! 

The Fruit Eating Bears
Merseys Fruit Eating Bears (May 29, 1966) repro
Merseys Fruit Eating Bears (Aug 28, 1966)

The original line-up of the Fruit Eating Bears (Feb.1966)  
  Joey Molland,  guitar  ex-The Masterminds 
  Chris Finley,  keyboards  ex-The Masterminds 
  George Cassidy,  bass  ex-The Masterminds 
  Kenny Goodlass,  drums  ex-The Escorts←The Kirkbys←The Panthers  [この LIverpool の Panthers と同時期に Swansea にも Pete Ham の Panthers が存在] 
  Kenny Mundye,  drums  [The Merseybeats Family Tree Kenny Mundye began his long association with The Merseybeats when he was the first to replace John Banks, who went missing one weekend in 1965]
The Escorts (1964) 左から二人目が Pete Clarke (d) [Airwaves の頃 Badfinger の一員に] 
The Escorts 1964
The Escorts (1965) Pete Clarke が一時抜け、Kenny Goodlass (d) の頃。 この後 再び Clarke に戻る。 
The Escorts 1965
Kenny Mundye は Merseys 解散後も1974年頃まで断続的に Merseybeats に参加。  1976年に Billy Kinsley のband、 Liverpool Express が Kinsley 以外全員交代した時にも、 Mundye は一時参加。その後 The Mice [The Tricycle Turds とも名乗っていたとの都市伝説あり] を結成。 しばらくして Fruit Eating Bears の名を復活させた。
The Fruit Eating Bears ← The Mice (1976)  
  Kenny Mundye,  drums 
  Rick Dean [Richard Atkinson],  vocals 
  Neville Crozier,  guitar/vocals 
  Garry Croudace,  bass/vocals 
The Fruit Eating Bears (1976)
The Fruit Eating Bears (1977)  
  Neville Crozier, vocals/guitar  
  Gary Croudace,  bass/vocals  
  Chris Crash [Chris Penhale],  drums  
The Fruit Eating Bears 1978
The Mice (1980) 
  Kenny Mundye,  drums 
  Neville Crozier,  guitar 
  Garry Croudace,  vocals 
  Barry Stanford,  bass 
  Geoff Peel,  guitar 
The Mice (Fruit Eating Bears) - Costa Brava Holidays  

Flamingo Express (1983) 
  Neville Crozier,  guitar 
  Chris Crash,  drums 
  Barry Stanford,  bass 
The Fruit Eating Bears ( -1989)  
  Kenny Mundye,  drums 
  Neville Crozier,  guitar/vocals 
  Barry Stanford,  bass/vocals 
The Fruit Eating Bears - Slowdown (1988) 

現在 Kenny Mundye は Percussion Workshops を主催、 Neville Crozier はソロ活動。 
Neville Crozier - Prince Namor (2010) 


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