Badfinger's Pete Ham: An Evening of Tributes (Molly Malone's, April 24, 2016) 
Badfinger's Pete Ham An Evening of Tributes (Apr 24, 2016)

Breaking Baby Blue
 band's opening set:
A Celebration of Pete Ham concert
 - April 24, 2016 - Part 1 of 2 

Midnight Sun 
No Matter What 
Baby Blue 
Midnight Caller 
Just a Chance 
Day After Day 
Name of the Game 
Rock of All Ages 
We're for the Dark 

Pt 2 of 2 - Special Guest Tributes:
A Celebration of Pete Ham 
concert - April 24, 2016

Day After Day 
   - Jeff Alan Ross (Straight Up)
(Peter Asher) / Rob Bonfiglio / Steve Fekete (Straight Up)(Marc Broussard)(Cassadee Pope) / Bill Cinque / Christopher Allis 
Without You 
 Zak Schaffer (Pete Yorn) / Jennifer Jo Oberle (Straight Up)(Five For Fighting)(Kate Bush tribute) / Dan Rothchild / Geoff Pearlman / Jordan Summers / Walter Ino / David Goodstein 
Baby Blue 
   - John Wicks (Records) / Nicholas Guzman (Crosby Stills and Nash) / 
Chris Price / Zak Nilsson (Harry Nilsson's son) Dan Rothchild Geoff Pearlman / Jordan Summers / Walter Ino Zak Schaffer David Goodstein 
Take It All 
   - Derrick Anderson (Bangles)(Smithereens) 
Chris Price Dan Rothchild Geoff Pearlman / Jordan Summers (Wallflowers)(Fiona Apple) / Walter Ino / Zak Schaffer / David Goodstein 
   - Jim Cushinery (The Wigs)(Rusty Anderson) 
/Jennifer Jo Oberle / Dan Rothchild / Geoff Pearlman (Shelby Lynne)(Linda Perry) / Jordan Summers Walter Ino (Survivor) / David Goodstein 
Apple of My Eye 
   - Dan Rothchild (Heart)(Beck) 
Chris Price Geoff Pearlman / Jordan Summers / Walter Ino / Zak Schaffer / David Goodstein (Joe Perry)(All Day Sucker) 
Know One Knows 
   - 誰も知らないK
eiko?  / Derrick Anderson Chris Price Dan Rothchild Geoff Pearlman / Jordan Summers / Walter Ino Zak Schaffer David Goodstein 
Hurt Me So Bad (by Mike Gibbins and Jeff Alan Ross) 
Jeff Alan Ross / Rob Bonfiglio (Straight Up)(Skies of America)(Wilson Phillips)(Wanderlust) / Steve Fekete / Bill Cinque (Peter Asher)(Neil Diamond) / Christopher Allis (Straight Up)(Deanna Carter) 
Maybe Tomorrow 
Zak Schaffer / Dan Rothchild / Geoff Pearlman / Jordan Summers Walter Ino / Jennifer Jo Oberle / David Goodstein 
Lay Me Down 
John Wicks / Nicholas Guzman Zak Nilsson Geoff Pearlman / Jordan Summers Walter Ino Zak Schaffer Dan Rothchild / David Goodstein 
I'll Be The One 
Zak Schaffer / Dan Rothchild / Geoff Pearlman / Jordan Summers Walter Ino / Jennifer Jo Oberle / Christopher Allis 
Shine On 
Jeff Alan Ross / Rob Bonfiglio / Steve Fekete / Bill Cinque / Christopher Allis 
No More 
   - Nelson Bragg (Brian Wilson band) / 
Derrick Anderson Dan Rothchild Jordan Summers Walter Ino Zak Schaffer / David Goodstein 
We're For The Dark 
   - Syd Straw (Golden Palaminos) / Alex Jules / 
Chris Price Emeen Zarookian Geoff Pearlman / Jordan Summers 
   - Erik Paparozzi (Denny Laine) / 
Alex Jules 
Hand In Hand 
   - Alex Jules (Bebopalula)(Denny Laine) / 
Erik Paparozzi 
Makes Me Feel Good 
   - Howard Pattow (Come and Get It)(Hard Day's Ride) 
Would You Deny 
   - Chris Price (Emitt Rhodes)
(Bebopalula)(Linda Perhacs) 
Nothing to Show 
Chris Price 
Name of the Game 
Dan Rothchild / Emeen Zarookian (Bebopalula) / Alex Jules Chris Price Geoff Pearlman / Jordan Summers Walter Ino Zak Schaffer / David Goodstein 
I Can't Take It 
No Matter What 
Come and Get It 
 Breaking Baby Blue / Badfinger's Pete Ham Evening of Tributes (Apr 24, 2016) 

 memories of the show Breaking Baby Blue - Tribute to Pete Ham of Badfinger (Apr 24, 2016)