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バッドフィンガー Badfinger の周辺をいろいろと... Badfinger の曲をカバーした人とか、ちょっと関わった人とか 外周を遠回りに巡ってます


Diego Cherby - You And I (2021) / Hold On (2020)

2021/04/21   Diego Cherby - You And I (W/ Chords Tutorial) 

2020/03/10   Diego Cherby - Hold On (Guitar Solo) 



Sweet Tuesday - Midnight Caller / Hold On / No Matter What (2020)

2020/04/27   Sweet Tuesday - Midnight Caller 
Sweet Tuesday - Midnight Caller
2020/02/23   Sweet Tuesday - Hold On 
Sweet Tuesday - Hold On
Sweet Tuesday / Strange Girl (Sweet Tuesday Live) 
2019/11/25   WILLE:     11. No Matter What 
Sweet Tuesday - Strange Girl (Sweet Tuesday Live)
 Sweet Tuesday - Cowboy (2021) 

 Sweet Tuesday - Understand (2019) 

 Coker0415 - Believe Me / Without You (2018) 

 Coker0415 - Flying / Come and Get It / Apple of My Eye (2017) 


[Newspaper/Say No More] Chicago Tribune / The Atlanta Constitution (Feb 1981)

Chicago Tribune   [Chicago, Illinois] 
Chicago Tribune (February 9, 1981) 
BADFINGER HAS a new single, "Hold On," on Radio Records. The group's new album, "Say No More," will be out in three weeks.
The Atlanta Constitution   [Atlanta, Georgia] 
The Atlanta Constitution (February 14, 1981) 
Watch the stores for these lps: "Leather and Lace" by Waylon Jennings and Jessi Colter, "Labor Of Love" by The Spinners, "The Live Album" by Leon Russell and the New Grass Revival, "Love's Melodies" by The Searchers and Badfinger's "Say No More." 
The Atlanta Constitution (March 28, 1981) 
Two other vintage British bands have released albums recently. Badfinger, the hard luck group (hat in turn blossomed and withered in The Beatles' shadow) on Apple Records in the early 70s, has returned with yet another lineup on, "Say No More" (Radio/Atlantic RR 16030). And The Searchers,: 
Badfinger Hold On
 [Newspaper/Say No More] George Kanzler (syndicated by Newhouse News Service, March 1981) 
 [Newspaper/Say No More] Hartford Courant (March 22, 1981) 
 [Newspaper/Say No More] Fort Lauderdale News (March 27, 1981) 
 [Newspaper/Say No More] The Morning Call (April 25, 1981) 
 [Newspaper/Say No More] Daily Press (June 26, 1981) 
 [Newspaper/Say No More] The Tampa Times (July 10, 1981) 

Badfinger - Hold On (unreleased version)

Badfinger - Hold On (unreleased version) 

Badfinger - Hold On (unreleased version)


Mike Evans - Hold On / Watford John / Baby Blue / Come and Get It

Mike Evans - Hold On (2016) 

Mike Evans - Watford John (2017)

Mike Evans - Baby Blue (2014) 

Mike Evans - Come and Get It (2013) 



Badfinger / Say No More (March 4, 2015) // Joey Molland / After The Pearl (March 4, 2015)

Badfinger wasabi
Badfinger / Say No More
2015年3月4日発売 Wasabi Records:WSBAC0001 (JAN: 4571136378012)
国内盤 CD
23rd February 2015   Gonzo (UK): HST306CD £9.99
1. I Got You
2. Come On
3. Hold On
4. Because I Love You
5. Rock N’ Roll Contract
6. Passin’ Time
7. Three Time Loser
8. Too Hung Up On You
9. Crocadillo
10. No More
Badfinger Say No More Wasabi
Joey Molland / After The Pearl
2015年3月4日発売 Wasabi Records:WSBAC0002 (JAN: 4571136378029)
国内盤 CD
24th November 2014   Gonzo (UK): HST238CD £9.99
1. Here Comes Heartache
2. Too Late To Cry
3. Moolah Rey
4. In My Heart
5. All Your Lovin
6. Life Song
7. What Happened
8. Mean Jemima
9. Dreams of Thunder
Joey Molland After the Pearl Wasabi
disc UNION 予約ニュース  2015.01.06
【特典:8cm CD 『バッドフィンガー Badfinger / Hold On ホールド・オン』】
Badfinger 8cm cd
紙ジャケCD 2タイトルまとめ買いセット
3月4日発売予定  5,616円(税込)
『バッドフィンガー / 紙ジャケCD 2タイトルまとめ買いセット』 をお買上のお客様に先着で、特典 8cm CD 『バッドフィンガー / ホールド・オン』 を差し上げます。

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