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バッドフィンガー Badfinger の周辺をいろいろと... Badfinger の曲をカバーした人とか、ちょっと関わった人とか 外周を遠回りに巡ってます


[Newspaper/Say No More] Chicago Tribune / The Atlanta Constitution (Feb 1981)

Chicago Tribune   [Chicago, Illinois] 
Chicago Tribune (February 9, 1981) 
BADFINGER HAS a new single, "Hold On," on Radio Records. The group's new album, "Say No More," will be out in three weeks.
The Atlanta Constitution   [Atlanta, Georgia] 
The Atlanta Constitution (February 14, 1981) 
Watch the stores for these lps: "Leather and Lace" by Waylon Jennings and Jessi Colter, "Labor Of Love" by The Spinners, "The Live Album" by Leon Russell and the New Grass Revival, "Love's Melodies" by The Searchers and Badfinger's "Say No More." 
The Atlanta Constitution (March 28, 1981) 
Two other vintage British bands have released albums recently. Badfinger, the hard luck group (hat in turn blossomed and withered in The Beatles' shadow) on Apple Records in the early 70s, has returned with yet another lineup on, "Say No More" (Radio/Atlantic RR 16030). And The Searchers,: 
Badfinger Hold On
 [Newspaper/Say No More] George Kanzler (syndicated by Newhouse News Service, March 1981) 
 [Newspaper/Say No More] Hartford Courant (March 22, 1981) 
 [Newspaper/Say No More] Fort Lauderdale News (March 27, 1981) 
 [Newspaper/Say No More] The Morning Call (April 25, 1981) 
 [Newspaper/Say No More] Daily Press (June 26, 1981) 
 [Newspaper/Say No More] The Tampa Times (July 10, 1981) 

Badfinger - Hold On (unreleased version)

Badfinger - Hold On (unreleased version) 

Badfinger - Hold On (unreleased version)


Mike Evans - Hold On / Watford John / Baby Blue / Come and Get It

Mike Evans - Hold On (2016) 

Mike Evans - Watford John (2017)

Mike Evans - Baby Blue (2014) 

Mike Evans - Come and Get It (2013) 



Adam Allen [Badfinger 1982]

Adam Allen 
Adam Allen
In 1982, he was asked to take the stage with Badfinger. 
This featured the three remaining original band members: 
Tommy Evans on bass, Mike Gibbins on drums Bob Jackson on keys. 
Head First の時のメンバー3人+ Adam Allen なんですね。 その頃 Joey は... 
1982 promo
Hold On rehearsal 
No Matter What rehearsal 
Live 1982 on the Shock Theater local TV program July 10 [recorded June 26] 
Look Out California

Hold On

No Matter What

I Won't Forget You

The tour with Badfinger started at Harpos in Detroit and ended in Milwaukee, Wis., because of managment problems. So Adam returned to Detroit, where he resumed his teaching, and continued his stage and studio performances. 


Pat Lefler - Hold On (2012)

Pat Lefler - Hold On [Evans - Tansin]

Pat Lefler - Minstrel Boy

Pat Lefler

Patrick Lefler 
Oxford Blue 
From Now till Forever  Patrick Lefler - Keys, Vocals / David Scott - Vocals, Guitar
Jack Arnold Richardson 1929/07/23 - 2011/05/13
Jack Richardson
Badfinger の Say No More をプロデュースした Jack Richardson は、その後 1985-2007年まで Fanshawe College (London, Ontario, Canada) で Music Industry Arts の教授。 亡くなった翌2012年2月に Share the Man: The Music of Jack Richardson という、在校生中心のコンサートが開かれた。演奏された曲は、Richardson が過去にプロデュースした作品から選ばれた。 同条件で2013年2月にも第2回が開催されており、毎年の恒例行事になっているのなら これからも Say No More 収録曲が選ばれる可能性がある。
第1回にスペシャル・ゲストとして参加した Emm Gryner (1995年卒)
Emm Gryner


[Hit Chart / Radio Survey] Badfinger - Hold On

Badfinger - Hold On

KEZR局    San Jose/California
1981/02/09    [Added This Week] Hold On
Record World誌 
1981/02/21    119位Hold On 初登場 
1981/02/28    113位Hold On 
1981/03/07    102位Hold On 
1981/03/14    94位Hold On 
1981/03/21    90位Hold On 
1981/03/28    88位Hold On 
1981/04/04    94位Hold On 
1981/04/11    95位Hold On 
Cash Box誌 
1981/02/28    90位Hold On 初登場
1981/03/07    82位Hold On
1981/03/14    75位Hold On
1981/03/21    69位Hold On
1981/03/28    67位Hold On
1981/04/04    73位Hold On
1981/04/11    85位Hold On
1981/04/18    100位Hold On
1981/02/28    86位Hold On 初登場
1981/03/07    76位Hold On 
1981/03/14    66位Hold On 
1981/03/21    56位Hold On 
1981/03/28    56位Hold On
1981/04/04    70位Hold On 
1981/04/11    92位Hold On 
1981/04/18    99位Hold On
CHUM局    Toronto/Ontario, Canada
1981/03/07    [New Music] Hold On

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