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[eBay] Kathie Molland Interview DVD-R

Kathie Molland Interview DVD-R 
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Kathie Molland Interview DVD

You are bidding/buying the above pictured interview DVD of Kathie Molland, Joey Molland's late wife.
I acquired it in late 2007, probably from a trader, and this is the first time I watched it.  It was literally stashed away and forgotten, like some old demo tapes you hear that bands recover from time to time.

The interview runs for just over 90 minutes, then the disc freezes up.
There are no scratches on the disc, and perhaps someone with a little technology could at least make another copy that would continue to play. 

However, there is way more than enough material in the first 90 minutes that it remains a worthy item to sell/buy.   You would be buying this item with the understanding that you may not be able to make it much past 90 minutes.

The interview is done outside, trees in the background...circa ~1994.  Close-cropped of Mrs. Molland, wearing a blue sweater.  The person asking questions from behind the camera can barely be heard, but her answers certainly leave no doubt about what was asked.

This interview is from the perspective of a non-band member, but an insider nonetheless.  Based on her recollections, it appears that she endured the band's tragic story in a (mostly) sober frame of mind.

There is tons of discussion about what it was like to live with the band and what was going on with the agents and record companies, particularly as the band left Apple and joined Warner Brothers.  The whole Stan Polley thing is narrated from a completely different perspective....she says it was clear to her what was going on, but the band just didn't get it, or didn't want to.  Lots of mention about the other band members girlfriends.  Neat discussion about the making of Straight Up, the original rejected version, the re-recording, etc.  Lots about Wish You Were Here, which she states was the band's masterpiece, and she compares it to Abbey Road.

This interview will leave you saying "wow!".

Free shipping via media mail. 


[Magazine] Phonograph Record Magazine (May 1972)

Phonograph Record Magazine or PRM was a Rolling Stone style monthly rock mag in early 70s (1970-78), funded by UA and edited by late Greg Shaw. PRM was distributed free to record stores.
Phonograph Record Magazine (May 1972) 
Badfinger At The Crossroads 
     Profile and Interview by Mark Leviton   [Total word count of piece: 1915] 
Phonograph Record Magazine (May 1972)
Phonograph Record Magazine (May 1972) cover
Signed Phonograph Record Magazine Cover 
Phonograph Record Magazine May 1972 signed



Joey Molland / Interview & Acoustic Performance (May 29, 2011)

Joey Molland / Interview & Acoustic Performance before KQRS Rock Stock (May 29, 2011) 
Sweet Tuesday Morning 
I wrote this about Kath. When I sing it on stage that's what I think of. I think about Kath. It gives me a smile on stage. 
Jealous Guy 
[recordings with John Lennon] John was there. He sang 'Jealous Guy' to us. I got off my seat and sat down right on the floor in front of him, got my guitar out and learned the song. 
My Babe 
[audition for the Iveys] I sang the Righteous Brothers' song 'My Babe.'  It was a popular song around Liverpool in those days. 
Without You 
It was Bill Collins who suggested we join their two ideas. He wanted us to do a big version. But Pete got mad. He said ''No, we're a rock band.'' He was serious about being a rock band, so they argued about it. 

Cheap Trick with Joey Molland - Magical Mystery Tour (KQRS Rock Stock, May 29, 2011) 

KQRS Rock Stock (May 29, 2011)



[Interview] The Classic Albums: Badfinger's 'Straight Up' (Jan 18, 2010)

The Classic Albums: Badfinger's 'Straight Up' (Jan 18, 2010) 
Interview by Joe Matera 
Do you remember what sort of budget was allocated by Apple for the recording of the album? 
Joey Molland: 
Parts of our recording deal with Apple Records, was that they paid for all our recording costs – which they never recouped incidentally - so I never saw a recording budget. The deal was that they would pay for all the recording costs and all the coats and never recoup. Instead they would just pay the band something like 5%. The publishing deal we had with Apple was a routine deal, where they got the publishing and we got the writers, a 50/50 deal. 


[Podcast] Joey Molland of Badfinger (May 6, 2018)

The Misquamicut Beach Podcast 
#7. Joey Molland of Badfinger (May 6, 2018) 

"Joey Molland’s Badfinger" will be headlining Springfest on Saturday night May 12th with special guest Phil Solem of The Rembrandt’s (I’ll Be There For You). 


Badfinger's Liverpool roots apparent in vintage rock'n roll show at Savannah Center (Jan 26, 2018)

Badfinger's Liverpool roots apparent in vintage rock'n roll show at Savannah Center (January 26, 2018) 
   by Tony Violanti 
Joey Molland's Badfinger Savannah Center (Jan 26, 2018)

Joey Molland (January 26, 2018) 


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