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バッドフィンガー Badfinger の周辺をいろいろと... Badfinger の曲をカバーした人とか、ちょっと関わった人とか 外周を遠回りに巡ってます


[T-shirt 40] Badfinger Classic T-shirt / The Iveys Tribute Classic T-shirt

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Badfinger Classic T-shirt
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The Iveys Tribute Classic T-shirt


Badfinger / The Lost Broadcasts (September 24, 2021)

Badfinger / The Lost Broadcasts 
Badfinger - The Lost Broadcasts a
The Lost Broadcasts features the best of The Iveys’ and Badfinger’s late Sixties radio sessions. 
2021/09/24   CD   Cantare:CANTCD 07 
Respect (The Iveys) / Just One Look (The Iveys) / Maybe Tomorrow (The Iveys) / The Way You Do the Things You Do (The Iveys) / Surrender Your Love (The Iveys) / You Can All Join In (The Iveys) / Birthday (The Iveys) /Rock Of All Ages (Badfinger) / Interview ‐ Tom Evans / Come And Get It (Badfinger) / Midnight Sun (Badfinger) / Someday (Badfinger) / Up On Cripple Creek (Badfinger) / I Can't Take It (Badfinger) / Believe Me (Badfinger) 
Badfinger - The Lost Broadcasts b
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How Paul McCartney established a classic 1960s band

2021/07/02   Drew Wardle - How Paul McCartney established a classic 1960s band 




[Magazine/ad] ミュージック・ライフ Music Life (April 1969)

ミュージック・ライフ Music Life (April 1969) 
[ad] 東芝 Tohshiba のアップル・レコード Apple Records 
The Beatled - Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da, The Iveys - Maybe Tomorrow 
Music Life April 1969 b
Music Life April 1969 c
Music Life Top 30 (April 1969) 
2. The Beatled - Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da オブ・ラ・ディ・オブ・ラ・ダ 
4. The Iveys - Maybe Tomorrow メイビー・トゥモロウ 
Music Life April 1969 d
Music Life April 1969 a


[Magazine] Goldmine #931 (July 2021)

Michael Kurtz (Record Store Day CEO) 
Goldmine #931 (July 2021) 
Goldmine #931 July 2021p20
Goldmine #931 July 2021p19
Goldmine #931 July 2021 cover


The Iveys / Maybe Tomorrow LP 3C06290150

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Iveys LP ita 129000 yen

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