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[Movie] Immigration Tango (2011)

JOEY: Oh yeah, I'm always working on new songs. I had a solo album out a few years ago, "This Way Up" it was called. I just found out that they're using 5 of the songs from that record and possibly more in this new movie coming out called "Immigration Tango", a romantic comedy. So that's a great thrill for me.  (August 7, 2009) 
Immigration Tango  (working title: It Must Be Love) 
   April 17, 2010 (Boston International Film Festival) 
   Released: February 18, 2011 
Directed by David Burton Morris 
Cast:  Elika Portnoy / McCaleb Burnett / Carlos Leon / Ashley Wolfe 
Immigration Tango Joey Molland
Another Honeymoon: 6:20-7:00, 27:00-28:00, 58:20-59:10 
Tell Me: ? 
Isn't That a Dream: 75:30-76:40 
Angels Like Us: ? 
A Way to Be: 83:00-85:00 
This Must Be Love: 87:40-90:30 
2011/06/28   DVD   Lionsgate: 
Immigration Tango DVD


One Badfinger Standing (July 29, 2009)

San Diego Rreader 
BLURT: San Diego Music News 
     by Jay Allen Sanford, (July 29, 2009) 
HippieFest 2009
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Inside John Lennon's "Imagine" with Klaus Voorman, Jim Keltner and Joey Molland

Rock Cellar 
Inside John Lennon's "Imagine" with Klaus Voorman, Jim Keltner and Joey Molland 
by Ken Sharp on January 11, 2019 
Joey Molland: Tommy and I just happened to be at the house and John Lennon’s driver, Joe, called us and said, “John’s recording tonight and he was wondering if you’d come down and play some guitar for him.” It’s amazing he even thought to ask us. When we got down there George Harrison and Phil Spector were at the house. 


[Magazine] Rolling Stone #206 (February 12, 1976)

Malcolm Frederick "Mal" Evans (May 27, 1935 - January 5, 1976) 
mal 1935-1976
'6th Beatle' Mal Evans Killed in Los Angeles 
   by Patrick Snyder and Dolores Ziebarth 
Rolling Stone #206 (February 12, 1976) mal
Evans had also contracted to produce a new group called Natural Gas, made up of Joey Molland (formerly of Badfinger), ex-Humble Pie Jerry Shirley, ex-Rare Bird David Kaffinetti and Mark Clarke (formerly of Uriah Heep). The group had not signed with any label, but was scheduled to record January 5th. 
cover: David Bowie 
Rolling Stone #206 (February 12, 1976) cover


Joey Molland BADFINGER Signing Autographs

Joey Molland BADFINGER Signing Autographs 



Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Badfinger Xmas

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