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バッドフィンガー Badfinger の周辺をいろいろと... Badfinger の曲をカバーした人とか、ちょっと関わった人とか 外周を遠回りに巡ってます


[Magazine] Shindig! #2 (Jan/Feb 2008)

Shindig! #2 (Jan/Feb 2008) 
Shindig! #2 JanFeb 2008
Gary Walker & The Rain 
Lysergic guitar pop, big in Japan, former Brother rocks!  by Stefan Granados 
Shindig! #2 JanFeb 2008 r4
 Shindig! #2 JanFeb 2008 r43
Shindig! #2 JanFeb 2008 r47


International Beatleweek (Liverpool, August 22-29, 2018)

International Beatleweek (Liverpool, August 22-29, 2018) 
International Beatleweek 2018
SUNDAY AUG 26 2018 
This is a must-do for all Beatles fans. We’ll have live music all day along with films, guest speakers, Ringo Bingo and a massive flea market filled with tons of Beatles memorabilia! 
Guest speakers include: Pattie BoydFreda KellyTony BramwellJoey Molland and more! 
Joey Molland (August 26, 2018) 
International Beatleweek Joey Molland


Badfinger's Liverpool roots apparent in vintage rock'n roll show at Savannah Center (Jan 26, 2018)

Badfinger's Liverpool roots apparent in vintage rock'n roll show at Savannah Center (January 26, 2018) 
   by Tony Violanti 
Joey Molland's Badfinger Savannah Center (Jan 26, 2018)

Joey Molland (January 26, 2018) 



Joey Molland Interview (2014)

Joey Molland Interview 
Artist: Joey Molland 
Title: Interview 
Category: Interviews 
Author: Lisa Torem 
Date Published: 24/02/2014 


Badfinger / Director's Cut: A Riveting And Emotionally Gripping Saga (1997)

1997 documentary from UK on the band Badfinger. HD remaster from laserdisc. 



‘Baby Blue’ finale prompts Badfinger resurgence (Apr 20, 2018)

‘Baby Blue’ finale prompts Badfinger resurgence 
By Tom Lanham (April 20, 2018)
Joey Molland: 
Pete wrote it about a girl named Dixie that he met on tour in Tucson. She came to England with him, but then decided that she didn’t like England and moved back to America. And that was the end of that. 

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