Circus Guy - Just a Chance
1996/07/30 Live at Mercury Lounge, NYC 

Michael Culhane [Circus Guy]
"Just a Chance" was the song we had just released as Circle Sky for a Copper Records.
Circle Sky - Just a Chance [P. Ham]

Michael Culhane - vocals, guitar / John Sharples - drums, backing vocals / Scot Watson - bass, backing vocals
Come And Get It - A Tribute To Badfinger [various artists] 
1996/10/01   CD   Copper:CPR 2181     17. Just a Chance - Circle Sky 
Come and Get It
Circus Guy - Apple of My Eye
1998/08/20 Live at Mercury Lounge, NYC 

Just a Chance は1996年のLiveのビデオしかYouTubeに上がってないけど Apple of My Eye は96,97,98年と3つもあるから、ほんとは Tribute Album (Lon & Derrek Van Eaton がやってる) でも、こちらをやりたかったんじゃないのかなぁ。